Four Mistakes to Avoid on Realty Agent Website

Websites that are built on a generic template are going to look similar to any other site that used the same foundation. The positive is that these are cheap but the downside is that they are easily forgettable and do not have the level of professionalism or a unique look that will set your business apart from everyone else. These do-it-yourself templates are limited in the features they offer and the technical support they provide which means that potential clients are going to see right through the basic level work and equate this with the quality of attention they will receive from the realtor.

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One mistake that is commonly seen on non-professional realty sites is too much information and pictures or animations on a single page. The ‘less is more’ concept should be embraced so that users are shown what they need for the moment with quick access to other areas/pages on the site to gain more information. Overwhelming someone can cause them to quickly abandon the link and find a calmer and more organized website to work with.

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