St. Petersburg: what to see for a tourist who has seen all the most important

Erarta Museum and Galleries of Contemporary Art

After wandering around the endless number of halls and corridors of the Hermitage in search of inspiration in classical art, you can join in contemporary, contemporary art. A Russian person does not always favor him and manages to question the talent of a particular artist several times during an excursion, but it is still an interesting experience.

In St. Petersburg is the largest international project in this area Erarta. The name speaks for itself era and arta translated from Latin mean "time of art". As soon as you get there, you forget about the present and the urgent and plunge into a dialogue with paintings, sculptures, video art, installations This dialogue will be quite lengthy and unlikely to be limited to one day if only because it is impossible to embrace the immensity.

The museum building, with an area of 10,000 square meters. m., five floors, divided into three wings: one presents a permanent exhibition, consisting of 2300 works of more than 250 artists from all regions of Russia (which is an undoubted advantage), the other two are temporary, which change every three months. Erarta a unique museum. You can take pictures in it (only without a flash), touch some sculptures and paintings with your hands, you can’t sit at the entrance to the hall jealous of the personal space of any exhibit of your grandmother, and the plates with the official description of the paintings are replaced by “Isolation” an essay from visitors to the museum, impressed by or other work.

Of particular interest are the total installations of U-Space artistic spaces that allow you to remain alone for 15 minutes and immerse yourself in a certain atmosphere. You can either return to childhood, having fallen into a room where all objects are presented in a greatly enlarged size, or "to the roots", once in a real peasant house with the smell of hay, wormwood and wood and listening to old Russian tunes you have to choose from 8 options.

Faberge Museum

An even younger, in comparison with Erarta, place for art lovers is the Faberge Museum. You can watch the world's largest private collection of Russian applied art of the 19-20 centuries from 2013 in the historical center of St. Petersburg the Shuvalovsky Palace on the Fontanka Embankment.

The place where the museum is located is impressive in itself: on the one hand, one has to be distracted from the exhibits in order to take a closer look at the luxurious interiors, and on the other, this setting allows one to forget that the courtyard is 21st century and believe in the existence of a time machine. For example, the imperial Easter series of eggs by

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But in St. Petersburg, the largest and most interesting collection of 11 eggs is presented. It includes, among other things, the first Chicken egg, from which the tradition of such gifts for Easter began, the last the Order of St. George and especially the Empress Alexandra Fedorovna Lilies of the Valley.

The museum’s permanent exhibition also presents cabinet gifts cigarette cases, snuff-boxes, frames, caskets, watches and even thermometers designed for members of the imperial family, their relatives and friends; masterpieces of famous icon painters of the 19th century and kitchen utensils decorated with filigree enamel.

The museum had few temporary expositions, but not quantity is important in this case. It was the Faberge Museum that was chosen as the first museum in Russia to which all the works of the legendary artist Frida Kahlo, available for exhibiting outside Mexico, were brought. The exhibition runs until April 30, due to the high interest the museum is open seven days a week, so be sure to visit this unique retrospective.

Mariinsky-2 (New Stage)

F. Chaliapin, I. Ershov, A. Pavlova, O. Petrov, and the audience included A. Pushkin, N. Gogol, F Dostoevsky, L. Tolstoy, P. Tchaikovsky

Behind the restrained exterior is an elegant interior marble flooring, illuminated warm yellow onyx walls, crystal chandeliers and panoramic windows with city views. The final understanding that you are in the theater comes in the hall curved like a horseshoe, consisting of three tiers of balconies. From any place, a great view of what is happening on the stage opens, and thanks to the ultra-modern technical equipment, the sound is also evenly distributed throughout the hall. You can appreciate all of the above with your own eyes, visiting in the near future the ballets Cinderella, Spartak, Romeo and Juliet, Swan Lake.

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