Coffee Door Game!

The name of the game! Halloween coffee date! This is a fun little interactive game for a cross between coffee and a few Idols from different Kpop Groups!

So How do you play? It's easy. . . There will be choices to pick from on one card, you'll pick a number and comment. The next card will flip over the sign and you'll see what your answer is until the last card (which you'll meet your mystery date)

Your friend got this crazy idea to put you out there to meet new people and get out of your shell. Going along with it you agree. after talking with several men you find that it's pretty easy to talk to one in particular, before you know it a date has been set up!

Loving coffee and figuring it's safe in a populated area, except of course they choose the homey cafe that you know has few people in, so you can have a conversation and not worry about other people. You've never met the guy in person so not sure what to expect but the best thing to do is just be yourself, no matter how goofy you can be.

It's the day of the date and you realize how close it is to halloween it is, theres a party going on at your friends house and your not entirely sure how long your coffee date is going to go but it can't last past 1 pm can it?

Thinking along those lines you wonder . . .

1. How Extra are you gonna be with your outfit?

Pick a number associated with the coffee sign.





There are 4 different looks you'll have the opportunity to pick!

Friday will have the signs flipped and outfits revealed! Then comes the question of what he will be dressed as .. In!

☕️Coffee Givers!


My coffee lovers!

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