Use Wood In The Bathroom

Wood is the trend. Whether living room, hall or sleeping area - with wood an extra portion of warmth and comfort draws into the house. And in the bathroom, too, the natural material with its rustic, noble charm provides an additional feel-good factor. The application possibilities are absolutely versatile. Whether in the form of small details, robust washbasins or even a parquet floor - there are countless possibilities to integrate wood into your home wellness oasis.

Setting highlights with wooden details

If you want to approach the subject slowly, you can set noble accents with wood accessories. There are many possibilities. How about, for example, a wooden soap dispenser, a bath mat or decorative objects? Niches clad in wood or wood-look can also become absolute eye-catchers.

Bathroom furniture and sanitary objects

Washbasins and bathtubs

Wood - from top to bottom

A wooden floor in the bathroom? What used to be almost unthinkable is now considered an absolute trend. And with the right type of wood and a professional laying process, you don't have to worry about possible moisture damage. The best way to do this is to get advice from a specialist.

Walls can also be covered with wood in the same way. Of course, an alternative is also possible here.

For example with the Resopal system of the individual programme from Vigour. The robust HPL tiles combine a rustic wood design with the practical advantages of a classic tile.

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