My Favorite Stages From Queendom

Because this show has let the girls show their strengths and I love it!

The groups/soloist that particpated in Queendom are: (G)I-DLE, Oh My Girl, Mamamoo, AOA, Lovelyz, and Park Bom.

Oh My Girl - Twilight

Epic performance. Between Mimi's rap, the background dancers, Yooa's hair, and Jiho, Hyojung, and Seunghee just being them with their vocals. Ugh it was so good!

Oh My Girl - Destiny (Orig. By Lovelyz)

A beautiful version of Lovelyz's Destiny.

(G)I-DLE - Say No

I mean I couldn't not include this performance, it's so freaking good!! Soojin looks so good! I don't have to say it but Shuhua always look so elegant. And the fact they do this barefoot is even better! Soyeon's rap too though, speechless.

(G)I-DLE - Opening Performance (Uh-Oh's Rap but Queendom Ver.)

The video speaks for itself why it's self on why it deserves to be on this list. Just watch it!

AOA - Miniskirt

I mean any performance of Miniskirt is perfect but this is one of their first performances as a 5-member group after Mina left the group & company in May of this year. I included the commentary version because the other girls' reactions are priceless.

AOA - Egotistic (Orig. By Mamamoo)

Just a beautiful cover!

Park Bom - Hann (Ft. Cheetah) (Orig. By (G)I-DLE)

While I'm not a huge fan of Park Bom and her voice, I do love this cover. She made it her own, plus Cheetah is iconic, I love her!

(G)I-DLE - Lion

This performance hasn't been released yet (aka it hasn't been performed yet) but I LOVE THIS SONG! This is their last song on Queendom as the show will be over soon.

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