10 DIY Projects For Your Home

With these attractive do-it-yourself ideas, you give your home a lot of charm and uniqueness.

2 - Magazine Stand with tube

Colour is the most obvious thing when it comes to changing something quickly and easily. But these two ideas are more than just a new coat of paint. On the left side, a chic, new design has been created with matt, dark grey paint and a wooden panel made from industrial furniture. On the right, a small, inconspicuous wall shelf with yellow colour and yellow background became a real eye-catcher. (Picture: Apartmenttherapy, picture: Interiorismo)

2 - Magazine stand with tube

Pipes from DIY stores are grateful elements for making stylish things with them. For example, such an unusual but decorative and practical magazine rack. The magazines are simply hung on simple wire hangers. (Picture: Decorating your small space)

3 - Cable with wooden beads

This idea creates from cables for once no salad, but a decorative chain. Drill holes in large wooden beads and thread them onto the desired cable. For this, you have to remove the plug. (Picture: Bekers)

4 - Picture wall with a coat hanger


5 - Commode with a poem

Around the wall panel colour trend it has become quiet. But this old-fashioned cupboard has got a lot of charm with white scribbles. Write a favourite poem, a song or a favourite passage from a book on cabinet doors. (Picture: Hirsi puutaloelamaa)

6 - Floor lamp with a music stand

Doing it yourself also means creativity. The alienation and re-functioning of objects is part of it. The idea of making a floor lamp out of a music stand is simple, refined and attractive. (Picture: Tip junkie)

7 - Pendant lamp with tub

Other objects are also suitable for designing luminaires from them. Metal tubs, for example. These old washing bowls made of sheet metal convey industrial style as lamps. (Picture: Woo home)

8 - Mail stand with shutter

decorative living accessory

9 - Roller blind with map

Maps used for school purposes are stable and can be used, for example, as an unusual roller blind for a window. (Picture: Thruhiker)

10 - Coat rack with hanger

With classic wooden clothes hangers and a bit of craftsmanship, you can create such decorative coat hangers that look like cows or bulls. (Picture: Omodernario)

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