The Bathroom As A Place Of Well-Being

Although the rooms originally intended for personal hygiene are sometimes only used for quick "getting ready" before going to work, many people like to spend a lot of time in their own bathroom. For them, bathrooms are places of well-being and relaxation. Anyone who loves to relax naturally attaches great importance to bathroom fittings that provide a pleasant feel-good atmosphere.

Renovation, refurbishment and modernisation of bathrooms

Especially after the acquisition of an old building - be it a house or a condominium - it is a matter of course for many buyers to let the existing bathroom shine in new splendour through renovation, redevelopment or modernization work and to adapt the room to their own needs. But even after a few years of use, it is still a good idea to give the bathroom a fresh look.

When planning a bathroom renovation, you should first ask yourself the exact purpose of the work. Should only damage such as mould or broken tiles be removed, should the appearance be improved or is an age-appropriate conversion with appropriate barrier-freedom pending?

Also, the size of the room is of high importance for planning. Can an existing shower and a small bathtub, for example, be replaced by a comfortable corner bath? Will a large double washbasin bring more benefits in the future than a normal single washbasin due to the family situation?

The selection of new tiles and bathroom furnishings also needs to be carefully considered. In favour of a long period of use, you can opt for a timeless design, while in the case of regular bathroom renovations after several years, ultra-modern elements could also be used in the bathroom.

In 2017, Germans spent an average of 12,200 euros on bathroom renovations.

For the over 55-year-olds, spending was again well above this average at 15,300 euros.

The younger the interviewees were, the less money they invested in their bathroom.

Between 2011 and 2016, only 15% of Germans did not spend any money on purchasing furniture and furnishings for their own bathrooms. A total of 34% of respondents, however, invested 1,000 euros or more in this area.

According to a survey, Germans had an average budget of several thousand euros available for planned bathroom renovations in 2017. 32% of the respondents alone had between 2,500 and 7,500 euros available for work on the bathroom and corresponding purchases. 61% of Germans even had more than 7,500 euros and often even more than 10,000 euros at their disposal.

Financing possibilities for bath reorganizations

The purchase of furniture and furnishings for bathrooms as well as costs for bathroom refurbishment, renovation and modernisation can, of course, also be financed by low-interest loans. Especially in periods of low-interest rates, as we are experiencing right now, it is worth thinking about credit financing. Very favourable interest rates and low monthly repayments make it easy to repay loans taken out without any noticeable burden.

By taking out a loan, the dream of a modernised bathroom can be realised in a very short time. The work can begin directly after the disbursement of the credit amount and already after a short time, one can enjoy the again arranged bath.

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