7 Inspirations For Modern Bathroom Furnishings

Lime green tiles and orange bathroom ceramics - what was modern decades ago has now become a sanitary nightmare. The common "set" of washbasin, tray, toothbrush cups and towel rails is regarded as the epitome of the bourgeoisie. Bathrooms are rather wellness areas and no longer only serve daily hygiene. They have become retreat rooms for relaxing hours of well-being and have an appealing ambience. Let our ideas inspire you for your own bathroom.

Once upon a time: a joint look and a lattice pattern

Anyone who lays tiles in their bathroom usually has the load with the joints. At first, they look nice, but then they have to be cleaned intensively. Often deposits form, that are difficult to remove. Would you rather do without them? No problem: many new materials for walls and floors make it possible. Decorative panels look generous, especially in small bathrooms, and are an ideal alternative to tiles. They are suitable for seamlessly cladding walls in bathrooms and concealing entire tile mirrors. Acrylic, glass, aluminium, PVC - there are a variety of materials with which you can conjure up a bathroom oasis from a lattice cage. Beautiful decors increase the optimal impression. For modern bathroom furnishings, there is also the option of working with wall panels. Stone panels, for example, create a wonderful impression with their Mediterranean flair, the fine lines and the rhythm of the stone formations.

Attention, Glare!

You can't see your own mirror image because the ceiling lamp in the bathroom is so dazzling? Does your nose throw a drop shadow like in a manhunt photo? Anyone who wants to show the new interior to its best advantage must not ignore the light. After all, the bathroom is meant to be a place of relaxation. Indirect lighting with LED has the following advantages:

- illuminates your bathroom advantageously

- provides a pleasant, soft light

- spreads a cosy atmosphere

LEDs can also be easily integrated into suspended ceilings, wall panelling, built-in shelving and shelves. Above all, LEDs are unbeatable when it comes to aligning light. They throw the spotlight where you really want it.

Ladder Shelves And Towel Rails

unsurpassably-simple bathroom accessories

The Mediterranean equals holiday - white bathroom furniture, combined with wood

bathroom furniture

Wood in the bathroom is an old and relatively new appearance. In the bathroom, it has a long tradition, because the tub - the oldest piece of bathroom furniture - was made of wood. Today there are many possibilities for wood, like wall cladding, partitioning or partition wall, as wall shelf, as washstand and even as the floor, you can use wood in bathrooms.

Luxury Feelings - The Freestanding Bathtub

The freestanding bathtub shows the change in perception: A move away from the practical wet room, which was designed purely to meet hygienic requirements, towards a luxury refuge. The free-standing bathtub demonstrates independence from the pre-installation of the water inlet and seems like a contradiction in itself: heavy and unwieldy, yet placed as if in passing. A beautiful gesture of freedom, but rather something for large bathrooms - possibly with a fantastic view.

Fittings In New Colours

White, gold, silver and even copper - there are many alternatives to the usual chrome finish for fittings that will delight you. For light-coloured tiles, light-coloured wood and white washbasins, for example, white fittings create a harmonious overall impression. Matt stainless steel or copper finish are original accents and can be perfectly integrated into a modern colour concept.

Ground Screed

Not only something for the modern living room: You can also have a trendy floor covering in the bathroom with sanded screed. Replacing tiles is nothing new when it comes to building. So far it has only been hidden: "underneath" is usually screed. Only the finish has developed further today. Screed is hard-wearing but should be moisture-resistant in the bathroom.

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