BTS Songs Many ppl Haven't Heard

Hello Fam!


I've been an ARMY since predebut of BTS. Personally I've heard all these songs thanks to YouTube. This playlist will sperate the ARMY Veterans from the Newbie ARMY.

My mini rant...

As an veteran ARMY seeing BTS blow up was a blessing and tough at the same time. I'm happy they are becoming international Kings.

However, so many ppl are claiming to be ARMY yet they know barley anything about BTS other than the Love Yourself album. No shade.


But...I know we gotta begin somewhere. Back in the day before you became part of a fandom you did the research and learned about the background of a group. Ya got ya hands dirty lol. I'm not bashing new ARMY but please continue to learn about our Kings and support them. There will be a time when us old ARMY will have to pass the torch to you new blood ARMY.


If my rant offended you


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