Kpop MVs That'll Get You In The Halloween Mood

Here is a list of creepy, scary, songs with Halloween-ish titles, and halloween themes!

(Disclaimer: I couldn't possibly add every song to this list please understand these are only MVs I've watched that I've found to get me in the Halloween mood!)

Some of the videos I will comment on as they are newer than some of the songs/MVs you'll see on this list! So you may wonder why they are on here!

VeriVery - Tag Tag Tag

Starts out as an innocent MV but it's got a spooky ending! The boys are playing hide and seek and Tag but are they playing alone? Watch to find out!

These boys being on this list shouldn't be a total shocker as VIXX is their elder brothers!

VIXX - Voodoo Doll

I think everyone knows why this is on here!

VIXX - Hyde

I miss their dark concepts!

VIXX - On and On

It's VIXX so like must add.

1NB - Stalker

An 8 minute video of a creepy woman in a red dress!

1NB - Where U At

Long story short just don't cheat on one of these girls or you may end up the one being played.

KARD - You In Me

Are the boys dead or is it just a metophor? It's up to your interpretation!

Boys Republic - Get Down

They chop a man's head off!

Ladies' Code - Hate You

Don't use one of these ladies!

Infinite - Bad

Being chased by yourself and a creepy woman!

Cross Gene - Black or White

Which version of you will win?

Dreamcatcher - Chase Me

Anyone who knows Dreamcatcher knows why this is on the list.

Dreamcatcher - Good Night

A continuation of the storyline from Chase Me.

Dreamcatcher - You And I

Dreamcatcher - Piri

100% - Beat

Beast (Highlight) - Shadow

Boyfriend - Witch

Twice - TT

Just the cute costumes!

Twice - Like Ooh Aah


Yezi - Anck Su Namun

Some creepy scenes.

Zico - Anti (Ft. G.Soul)

Btob - Thriller

Sunmi - Full Moon

XIA (Junsu) - Flower

Stellar - Archangels of Sephiroth

SHINee - Married To The Music

Red Velvet - Peekaboo

Red Velvet - Really Bad Boy

T.O.P - Doom Dada

This one is just so weird it's scary.

BigFlo - Obliviate

Gain - Paradise Lost

Brown Eyed Girls - Abandoned

These girls can really pull off creepy.

Block B Bastarz - Zero For Conduct

Gorey. Or well bloody.

Primary - Don't Be Shy (Ft. ChoA, Iron)

Heize - We Don't Talk Together (Ft. Giriboy)

I mean this video starts out in a graveyard so like...had to add.

TRCNG - Wolf Baby

Wolves and Halloween go together perfectly!

EXO - Wolf

G-Dragon - Coup D'etat

Grace - Trick or Treat

Grace - Zombie High

9Muses - Remember

Gosh I miss them!

Laboum - Turn It On


Puer Kim - Manyo Maash

LYn, Leo - Blossom Tears

Watch the playlists of these MVs I made on YouTube here.

Watch my spotify playlist of these songs here.

Note: The songs below aren't on spotify so they won't be on the spotify list

VIXX - Voodoo Doll

VIXX - On and On

1NB - Where U At

Ladies' Code - Hate You

Cross Gene - Black or White

XIA - Flower (I included the acoustic version instead)

T.O.P - Doom Dada (I included the live version instead)

LYn, Leo - Blossom Tears

Brown Eyed Girls - Abandoned

Let me know if there are any more creepy or halloween related MVs below!

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