A View Of Paradise

Before the summer finally ends, we want to take you once again into paradisiacal regions: to a summer house in Barbados! There the British interior designer Kelly Hoppen, who is a real star in the interior design scene, has converted an apartment house into a single-family residence.

As you can see at first glance, Kelly Hoppen's handwriting can be recognized by the monochrome choice of colours. The furnishings in the entire house do not leave the white to sand-coloured spectrum. The choice of colours is thus in line with the light architecture of the surroundings and the sandy beach not far away. The lettering "Sea" and the corals lying in the sand, which are displayed on the coffee table in small aquarium-like glasses, also cite the sea. And last but not least, Jeremy Cole's ceiling lamp is reminiscent of an exotic underwater plant. Another particularly charming idea is the wall decoration in the background. A series of Panama hats hang here like an art installation and can be taken off the hook at any time to arm themselves against the sun on the terraces.

How much variation is possible despite constant motifs and colours, we want to show you in two bedrooms of the villa. Once again Kelly Hoppen limits herself to white to beige, a darker grey in the carpet and on the bedspread makes for a dash of colour that resonates with the colour of the entrance door. The headboard of the bed consists of a cuboid wall covered with fabric, on the left and right it is framed by two bedside lamps from SCP. The bedside tables have a leather case look, which can also be found in the opposite armchair. The bed and armchair are captured by a circular wall mirror.

The second bedroom initially appears in a completely different look. And yet all the elements can be found again. A concise headboard flanked by two-night lamps. This time by Gervasoni. Armchairs and bedside tables correspond with each other and of course, the circular mirror must not be missing, this time in plural. The grey can be found in the carpet and in the bedspread but washed out in such a way that it only forms a very delicate contrast to the radiant white of the rest of the interior. Between the curtains, one already gets a view of the azure blue sea from this room.

bathtub in front of a glass balustrade


Kelly Hoppen's in the kitchen. Here no other colour has anything to look for than white. Only the bases of the Danetti stools may still be chrome-plated silver. The centre and highlight of the kitchen is the central table, whose base is completely kitsch-free and quotes the classic country house style, which in turn is immediately broken by the reflecting table surface. Three almost iconic ceiling lamps provide light, as in one of the bedrooms of the British label SPC.

Why we kept the dining room for the end won't require too much explanation. It is the absolute jewel of this House. On a covered terrace, there is a generous table lined with woven chairs of the Spanish label Kettal. During the meal, one can also enjoy here a unique panorama view of palm trees and sea. And those who want to move a little after the meal simply have to drop back into the pool that connects to this loggia without any separation. While one swims a few trains in the cool water, Kelly Hoppen has arranged the swimming area in such a way that even from here, the view to paradise is not obstructed.

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