Natural Cosmetics And FSC Furniture: Sustainable In The Bathroom

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All FSC - or what?

If you've been on Vingle #DIY for some time now, hopefully, these three letters have already burned into your memory: FSC. Whenever you're looking for furniture, look out for FSC certification. Then you're on the safe side. The wood from which the furniture is made comes from sustainably managed forests.

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Bamboo - a rapidly renewable raw material

Another possibility is to avoid plastic, especially for bathroom accessories. Plastic takes about forever until it is broken down again by nature. What are the alternatives? The best thing you can do is to use fast-growing raw materials, such as the all-rounder bamboo. Bamboo is extremely hard, yet flexible and above all durable. It couldn't be better. And it also looks much nicer than plastic, doesn't it? In this article, blogger Mia has summarized some tips on how to avoid plastic in the bathroom.

Towels, bath mats & bathrobes

What would a bathroom be without fluffy bath mats and a cosy bathrobe on the door hook, in which you can cuddle up after the shower? Care should be taken when choosing a product, especially when clothing comes into direct contact with the skin. There are some certifications that give you the assurance that textiles are harmless:

- Organic Content Standard

- Eco-Tex Standard

- Global Organic Textile Standard

- Cotton Made in Africa

Cotton Made in Africa, for example, guarantees that the product in question has been produced under socially fair and ecologically sustainable conditions. With Eko Tex certification, you can be sure that your product does not contain any chemicals or substances that are prohibited by law or harmful to health.

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