My First Bias [VS] My Current Bias [Boy Group's Version]

Here is a list of my first bias(es) versus my current bias(es) because I think it's fun to see the change!


First Bias: Sungoh (if he's still in the group then I guess I still bias him)

Current Bias: None

I also biases Hui but he left the group and Jinhong but he's not there anymore either.


First & Current Bias: Daehwi


First Biases: Jun & Wow

Current Bias: Wow (Jun still wrecks me though)


First biases: Eunwoo, Moonbin, Rocky

Current Bias: Moonbin (everyone loves to wreck me though, except Sanha, he's my son)


First & Current Bias: Hongjoong


First & Current Bias: CNU


First Bias: I think it was Zelo (But I've biased everyone but Jongup & Himchan at least once)

Current Bias: Youngjae (Jongup wrecks the shit outta me though)


First Bias: Benji

Current Biases: I can't decide between J-Hoon, Heedo, and Gunmin

Block B

First Bias: Taeil

Current Bias: U-Kwon (Changed after I went through an obsession with their song Very Good)


First Bias: V (only for a short while as I got into them between Boy In Luv and Danger eras)

Current Bias: Jimin (Changed shortly after Danger came out)


First Bias: None

Current Biases: Yonghwa, Jungshin (Yonghwa after KCON NY 2017 & Jungshin after a drama I seen him in)

Cross Gene

First & Current Bias: Seyoung


First Bias: Jae (shortly, during Congratulations era I quickly discovered my undying love for Wonpil)

Current Bias: Wonpil (My cute boy)


First Bias: Sehun (EXO was my first kpop group, I found them shortly after Overdose came out. Fun Fact: Sehun was my first Ultimate Bias)

Current Bias: Xiumin (I honestly cannot remember when and how he became my bias but I LOVE HIM)


First Bias: Mark

(Then I lost interest in them for a bit.)

Current Bias: Jinyoung (IDK how he became my bias? But he is!)


First Biases: Dino, Heechun

Current Bias: Ooon (O.M.G came out and I saw Ooon in that suit and it was the end for me) (But I have to note all the fucking group kills me!)


First Bias: Timoteo (to be fair most of the group killed me when they debuted but Timo stuck out to me the most at first)

Current Bias: Hojung (It was sometime during the Watch Out era he got me)


First Bias: B.I

Current Biases: B.I, Jinhwan (I used to be obsessed with rhythm ta, Jinhwan attacked me during that obsession)


First Biases: Jian, Jeup

Current Bias: Taeho (I feel for the cutie during Feel So Good era)


First Bias: Hoya

Current Bias: L (After Hoya left I didn't have a bias until I saw L in the drama Angel's Last Mission)


First Bias: B.M

Current Bias: J.Seph (IDK when he became bias but he is.)


First & Current Bias: Seoham


First Biases: Sun, Sign

Current Bias: Sun (He took over shortly after I got into them.)

Monsta X

First Biases: Hyungwon, I.M

Current Bias: Wonho (Whenever Rush came out he took over.)

NCT 127

First Bias: Taeyong (He was my first bias for 127 because he was my bias from U)

Current Biases: Taeyong, Doyoung (Doyoung became a bias in 2018 and has ended me since, honestly I don't remember how he became one he just did?)

NCT Dream

First Bias: None (Because they are all younger than me.)

Current Bias: Jeno (Gave in because he's too cute besides he's only 4 years younger.)


First Bias: Taeyong (He was my bias predebut and carried over after they debuted)

Current Biases: Taeyong, Doyoung, Kun (Doyoung joined like I mentioned in 127's above, Kun joined after I saw him on NCT Life and then sung in Without U's Chinese version.)


First Bias: Kwangjin

Current Bias: Hweseung (Since Kwangjin left the group Hweseung took over.)


First Bias: Ren

Current Bias: Minhyun (I lost it for his blonde hair in Overcome and haven't been alive since)


First & Current Bias: Hwanwoong (I feel for Hwanwoong shortly after Valkyrie came out, I watched one of their videos promoting the song and Hwanwoong was such a cute sassy boy. LOVE HIM!)


First & Current Bias: Kanghyun (Fell for him during a scare prank video of ONEWE & ONEUS.)


First Biases: Jinho, Hui, Hongseok, Kino ( I couldn't decide who I loved most right away.)

Current Bias: Jinho (He's my current Ultimate Bias, I cannot express how much I love that boy. He's been my UB since December 16th, 2017.)


First Biases: Woozi, Wonwoo

Current Bias: Joshua ( I can't remember how and when Josh became my bias.)


First Bias: Inseong (Chani almost got me too but Inseong beat him out)

Current Biases: Inseong, Rowoon (Rowoon just came for blood in his drama Extraordinary You, I love him!)


First Bias: Minho (Because of his drama To The Beautiful You.)

Current Bias: Jonghyun (After Married to the Music I fell for Jonghyun, he will forever remain my SHINee bias.)

Stray Kids

First Biases: Bang Chan, Seungmin

Current Bias: Bang Chan (I went through this obsession with 3RACHA's music and Chan just took me for himself)

Super Junior

First Bias: Eunhyuk

Current Bias: Yesung (After they came back from their hiatus Yesung apparently decided I was his so yeah...sorry Eunhyuk)

Teen Top

First & Current Bias: Chunji (Fun Fact: Teen Top was one of the first kpop groups I saw live. I went to KCON NY 2015 when they were there!)

The Boyz

First Bias: Hyunjae

Current Biases: Hyunjae, Eric (The more I fell into The Boyz somehow Eric became my bias too)

The Rose

First Biases: Jaehyeong, Woosung

Current Bias: Hajoon (IDK how it happened?)


First & Current Bias: Yeonjun (He's too cute too handle!)


First Biases: Wooshin, Wei(Jinhyuk)

Current Bias: Wooshin (IDK why I dropped Jinhyuk but I did.)


First Bias: Gyeol

Current Bias: St. Van (After Gyeol left St. Van came to me.)


First Biases: Dongheon, Kangmin (Because of KCON NY 2019)

Current Bias: Dongheon (Because Kangmin is a baby and Dongheon is the only member older than me.)


First & Current Bias: Seungsik (Who couldn't love my otter boy?)


First & Current Bias: N (He's my previous Ultimate Bias. From Mid-2015 to December 16th, 2017)


First Bias: Kun (He was already an NCT Bias at this point so like of course ima bias him in WayV too)

Current Biases: Kun, Xiaojun (Xiaojun is just a cutie, I love him!)


First Bias: Taehyun

Current Bias: Jinu (Jinu became my bias before Taehyun left, but I can't remember around which MV caused the switch?)


Let me know your list in the comments!]

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