Self-care: Foods that Help Reduce Stress

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Cheers to eating goods that will help you reduce stress! What we eat does play a role in how out body functions including our moods. I'm not a doctor but here are some things I found that was interesting in what goods to eat to reduce stress.


If you are not allergic to any of these foods you can always try to add them to your diet.


I love making fruit bowels. When I feel like being naughty I add my favorite Chile seasoning to it.

Guacamole Recipes

I love guacamole!!! Everyone makes it differently so below I found some quick recipes. You can add this to toast, dip with chips, dip with pita chips, dip with other veggies, etc! Above are the basic ingredients keep and or take out what you don't like.

I personally don't use cumin and or cilantro. I hate cilantro! But you definitely will need the citrus so try not to skip out on the lime!

Quick Tip

If you don't want your guacamole to turn brown quickly keep the seed in the dip.

Wild Fact

Guacamole is much better after you allow it to sit so the ingredients marry. It's always tastier the next day!

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