Before and After!

There have been so many actors and actresses that you specifically just want to watch a show Because they are in it .( I hope I'm not be the only one who does that; that be embarrassing lol)

for those who have seen the drama's from early 2000's I'm sure you recognize some of these people and what Drama the clip was taken from!

Lee Min Ho 2003-2016

Gong Yoo - 2001-2019. yup we got the Goblin in the mix!

Park Bo Young 2003-2019. ( my golly she matured!!)

Rain: 2003 - 2019. Ek he has new drama out this year!

Jun Ji Hyun 1999- 2017

awe the mermaid has been with us for so long! didn't know her first was white Valentine.

Yoon Eun Hye 2006- 2018

Girl you did not age! how you doing that!


If you are curious who else appeared in the images there are a few more considering it came off a list of 20, but of course interested in the main bunch hehe like Brady bunch .

Fam tag! For everything!


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