More of My Favorite FMVs for Extraordinary You [Since It Ends This Week]

I am so not ready for it to end!!!

[Make sure subs are turned on for some of these videos!]

[These FMVs will obviously have spoilers in them if you aren't caught up!]

Haru & Danoh are my end game and if they don't get a happy ending I may cry!

(but that being said Baek Kyung's character plot makes for good FMVs, but Kyung is trash so like he doesn't deserve Danoh!)

Haru & Dan Oh [Stay]

Baek Kyung & Dan Oh [I'll Be Good]

Dan Oh & Baek Kyung [Hold On]

Haru & Dan Oh [I'm Yours]

Please tell me your opinions on what happened in last weeks episodes!! Who are your endgame ships?


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