Wanna One: Where Are They Now?

Where are the boys of Wanna One now?

[Rank 1 - Kang Daniel]

Daniel is currently a solo artist, he's also dating Twice's Jihyo so he's living his best life!

[Rank 2 - Park Jihoon]

Jihoon is currently a solo artist.

[Rank 3 - Lee Daehwi]

Daehwi is currently a member of the group AB6IX. He's the Maknae!

[Rank 4 - Kim Jaehwan]

Jaehwan is currently a solo artist.

[Rank 5 - Ong Seongwoo]

Seongwoo has released solo music but I am not aware if he'll be placed into a group in the future or not. His most recent activity was starring in the drama Moment of 18 as the main character.

[Rank 6 - Park Woojin]

Woojin is a member of AB6IX, he is one of the rappers for the group.

(See Daehwi for their latest MV.)

[Rank 7 - Lai Kuanlin]

Kuanlin returned to Cube where he debuted in a duo unit with Pentagon's Wooseok. However, Kuanlin has since requested to leave Cube. I'm not sure if he's still under Cube or not anymore.

[Rank 8 - Yoon Jisung]

Jisung debuted as a solo artist before entering into his mandatory military service in May.

[Rank 9 - Hwang Minhyun]

Minhyun returned to NU'EST and the group got their first win as 5.

[Rank 10 - Bae Jinyoung]

Jinyoung debuted in the group CIX. He is one of the vocalists.

[Rank 11 - Ha Sungwoon]

Sungwoon debuted as a solo artist but is still a member of Hotshot (which have yet to make a full-membered comeback.)

[I hope you continue to support each of the boys!]

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