What should you prepare when traveling in Myanmar

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- The clothes are lightweight, easy to iron, can wear for a long time. You should wear jeans and T-shirts or cool cotton clothing. Do not forget to bring pillows and polo shirts to visit temples.

- Prepare a thin jacket, windbreakers that are resistant to rain. You can buy lightweight but good clothes at tourist shops to ensure that you do not lose your suitcase. In Myanmar, you will find these shirts useful during night walks, when the rain comes, on the plane, on the bus or on the road.

- Shoes: lightweight, easy to remove and bring on the visit because you must often take off when entering the temple.

-Prepare full of hats, umbrellas, sunscreen to fight the harsh sunshine in Myanmar. If you go in the rainy season, don’t forget to bring lightweight raincoats that are easy to carry.

-Just bring a medium or lightweight backpack for easy moving.


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