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Entry Level IT Jobs in Candidates - Hiring Full Stack Developer Candidates

Full Stack Developers are computer programmers who are proficient in both front and back end coding.

Full Stack Developers will be required to see out a project from conception to final product, requiring good organizational skills and attention to detail.


- Inspire our customers with a beautiful, intuitive customer-facing website.

-Empower our team by building seamless administrator interfaces for factory management tools.

- Implement features end-to-end from the database to styles (in collaboration with the rest of the Web/API team).

- Interface with our CAD add-in and front end design teams to improve customer experience, as well as our core tools and machine tool path generation teams to enhance production capabilities.

- Maintain best practices related to documentation, testing, deployment and other modern software development methodologies.

- End-to-end testing experience with Selenium, Browserstack or other modern testing frameworks.

- Build tools, task runners and automation experience with Webpack, Grunt, Gulp, Jenkins.

- Containerization experience with Docker, ECR, Kubernetes, ECS, Docker Swarm, etc.

- Experience with Progressive Web Apps, offline storage, client-server syncing and Websockets.

- Experience with Terraform, CloudFormation, Serverless, and other infrastructure-as-code provisioning frameworks.

- Legal right to work in the United States without sponsorship.


- REST web services and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

- Strong database experience (prefer SQL Server).

- Experience building pages.

- Experience optimizing code for maximum performance.

- Transactional based website experience.

- Strong experience developing APIs in the Back End.

Location - California

Job Type - Full Time / Part Time

Experience Level - Entry Level

Entry level it jobs in California

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