What SEO Means to Developers

SEO can often mean different things to different people.

Many would say SEO is about making changes to a website in order to improve its search engine visibility. And they would be right.

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In this series, we’ll look at the theory behind SEO, how it affects different people and the roles each member of staff plays within an SEO campaign.

Paul is a web developer at Wooton SEO, here he explains what SEO means to him.

“Website development is an essential part of any SEO campaign. It’s where on-page or site-wide changes are made.

“Every project is different, with each having various requirements. Most will involve some basic tasks such as ensuring a logical URL structure, clear navigation, correct use of headings and user-focused design.”

How does SEO affect the role of Developers?

SEO plays a big part in every project, whether you’re starting from scratch or improving an existing one. Just take a look at the top ways of how SEO affects developers.

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There are some really good resources out there that will keep you on your toes.

The Search Engine Journal

A great all-round resource is The Search Engine Journal. The site has hundreds of updates and posts about the very latest developments in SEO.

The articles are written by industry experts and always prove to be an interesting read. I’d recommend the recent “Making SEO and User Experience Work Together” post for developers.

Google Webmasters

Google is most likely your biggest focus; therefore it makes sense to understand a little bit about how it works.

Enter Google Webmasters. This is the official source of Google related guides, which contain tips on improving your site.

The guides cover the most basic tasks, as well as more advanced subjects. You’ll find everything you could need to become an enabled and empowered Webmaster.


Schema is the new kid on the block. Founded around 2012, the tool allows you to add extra mark up code to a website in order to specify extra information and details about that page’s content.

This could include various product information, such as the cost, brand and size. Alternatively, it can be used to include details about the business i.e. its name, address and phone number.

This will add great scope when improving the site’s accessibility for search engines.

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