Effective SEM & SEO Trends 2020 You Need to Know

As we near the end of 2019, you must be chalking out the business plan for the first quarter of the coming year. Are you contemplating to use the same marketing strategies you employed this year?

That would be a terrible mistake to start the new year with. As the competition is increasing, the behavior of search engines is getting modified. The marketing strategies that worked well for your business before may not do the same trick now. In the cutthroat competition, you need to stay abreast of the latest developments and include smart marketing techniques that keep up with the new trends.

So, what new trends can you expect to take center stage of marketing in the year 2020?

Read on to find out more.

The Latest SEO and SEM Trends of 2020 You Need to Know

As with the changing landscape of the technologies, the marketing techniques are updated to match the latest actions of the users. So here are some of the top trends that you can expect to make a significant transformation in the SEO and SEM strategies of companies all over the world. It’s vital to know how these trends of 2020 will shape the marketing tactics and make changes in your business plans accordingly.

1. Voice Searches

50% of the searches


The way that users ‘type’ to search and ‘speak’ to search is entirely different. So, some content of yours that was doing so well earlier may face a sudden drop when the percentage of voice searches hits the mark. Therefore, it’s best to optimize for voice searches in the new content that you are planning for blogs, webpages, landing pages and advertisements.

However, it doesn’t mean you should completely ignore the usual type-in search terms and only give importance to the voice searches. The type-in searches are here to stay and still is used by a majority of the users. Therefore, you need to strike a balance between optimizing the content for voice and for type-in searches.

2. Video Marketing

Video marketing was one of the most-expected SEO trends for 2019 and it still carries on to the next year. With the importance of videos in social media and live video features, video marketing is becoming more crucial than ever. Many marketers have started using video as a form of marketing on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, among many others.  

Video Marketing Statistics by Wyzowl

3. Amazon Search

Though Amazon is not a universal search engine, it is becoming a popular destination to search for consumer products. Nowadays, not many searches ‘Buy an Apple iPhone’ on a search engine. Instead, they go the biggest online marketplace like Amazon and search for it.

Amazon SEO

4. Google Snippets

Google, in its endeavour to provide better search results for its users, had introduced the concept of featured snippets a few years back. The featured snippets are the short results that appear in the first place of the Google search results with concise content.

Nowadays, Google is finessing this feature to choose the best possible content that would give the user quick information without going through paragraphs of content. Those webpages that get featured in the snippets have the highest page visits.

You can optimize a couple of content to get it featured in the form of the snippets. You can either create new content just for the featured snippets or optimize and edit existing content to fit the needs. Here are a few tips to optimize the content for featured snippets.

For paragraph snippets, you can include question keywords like how, when, what and why, and a concise paragraph that answers the question in a nutshell.

For numbered list snippets, you can optimize the content in a numbered form, primarily in a step-by-step procedure or a list of direct answers to the search query.

There are a few other snippet types which again banks on providing the direct answer without any fluff.

These four leading SEO and SEM trends have been the most common prediction among the top marketers and researchers. Make sure to include these in your marketing strategies of 2020 to keep up with the competition and to maintain your business visibility and traction.  

Keith Heavilin is the president at YellowFin Digital, a leading digital marketing agency specialized in web design & development, eCommerce solution, SEO, Mobile App Development and Local SEO services. He loves to write on Technology and Marketing ideas.
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