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I told you in the previous article how to design a website. To build a website, what things are required. To design a website it is very important to have web page information. What we are watching, and studying. That is called the webpage.

Today we will know how the web page is used. How to create a web page.

What is a web page?

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How to create a web page

If you want to create a web page, designing a web page is very easy. A web page is a simple HTML Document. Which is created with the help of HTML and CSS, knowledge of HTML, CSS is required to create a web page. HTML, CSS language is very easy to learn. And it is necessary to have some technical knowledge as well because we create a web page with the help of our computer and notepad. A Text Editor is required to design a web page and a Browser. To get more information, you can also take help of Youtube to learn practical web pages. In Youtube, it is clearly shown how to do what.

Types of web page

There are two types of web pages.

1 Static Web page 2 Dynamic Web page

Static Web page -

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Dynamic Web page -

Dynamic Web page is exactly the opposite of Static Web page. Dynamic pages contain content that can change each time it is accessed. It is called Dynamic web page. The scripting language is used to create Dynamic Web pages, collectively named DHTML (Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language). Dynamic Website design in Delhi

Friends, I have shared information about the web page with you in this post. What is a web page? Types of web pages, how a web page is created, and I also told which language is needed to make a web page. I hope you liked this post very much. If you like this post, then do share it with your friends and at the same time tell me how helpful this post proved to be for you.

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