4 Bathroom Trends In 2019

Wooden Finish


Wood has always been a no-go when it came to bathrooms, however, it’s made an appearance and it looks great!

This trend is great because brings warmth and comfort to the bathroom.

Andrew Crawshaw, Director of design at Smarter Bathrooms says that “timber will continue to flourish in the bathroom”.

Natural Green

This design could also go hand in hand with the wood design.

Plants around the bathroom not only creates decor to brighten up the place but can also create a whole new room design.

Both can be applied to create a jungle vibe that is quite unique and tranquil.

However, plants can be placed in the bathroom no matter what design you have, it prevents having a dull basic bathroom and really brings a peaceful aura to your bathroom.

Big Tile

Big, oversized tiles.

They have been popular for many years now, whether its the hardy exterior of a huge skyscraper or the sleek interior of a bathroom.

Large tiles are popular and they give off a very modern look especially if they are in rooms or buildings that have a lot of glass.

The large tiles go very well with the natural lighting that the glass gives off.

For those who want to have a modern-looking bathroom this year, big tiles would fit perfect for your vision.

Simple And Practical

This bathroom trend is for the functionality more than the aesthetics but can look great if it’s done right.

This entails spacious areas so the bathroom never looks cluttered and messy.

Instead, the design is more simple, straightforward and isn’t too over-complicated with decor.

bathroom design

It also goes very well with the large tiles as it adds to the modern vibe that the bathroom gives off.

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