Know The Legal Divorce Procedure In Pakistan - Best Guideline For Divorce

Divorce Procedure In Pakistan :

Most of the people when ask us the divorce procedure in Pakistan they get mixed up with the question. They are no clear whether they are asking the question in a legal sense or in the light of Islam. There is a difference between sharia and legal divorce procedure in Pakistan . If your question regarding the divorce procedure in Pakistan is in the light of Islam then you need to ask this question from a molana not a lawyer because a lawyer in Pakistan can only guide you regarding the legal divorce procedure in Pakistan. Pronouncing divorce verbally is a sharia divorce procedure whereas the registration of divorce and the legal process of divorce is a legal issue. If someone verbally pronounces divorce to his wife it will be a sharia divorce procedure not a legal Divorce Procedure In Pakistan. This verbal divorce in Pakistan will not change your marital status in Nadra or somewhere else. To change the marital status on documents you will have to adopt the legal divorce procedure in Pakistan.

Lawyer Guide You :

A Lawyer can guide you about legal issues whereas an Islamic scholar can guide you regarding the sharia divorce procedure. Pakistani law is very much in line with the Islamic laws but the issue arises in fiqah. There cannot be a different law for each sect therefore whatever the law is has to be followed by all the sects of Islam. As per the Pakistani law verbal divorce has no status until and unless it is registered. In Sharia law verbal divorce is enough to terminate a matrimonial bond whereas this verbal divorce has no legal status.

The law will still consider this spouse as husband and wife until the complete divorce process is followed and finally they are granted a Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan. Difference of opinion can be anywhere. This difference can be in Sharia as well as in legal divorce procedure but the reality is that the law is what it is so it needs to be followed.

About Nadra Divorce Certificate :

If someone has verbally divorced his wife and married with someone else it can be fine as per sharia law but this thing will be a crime as per the Pakistani law. In Pakistani law you cannot marry with someone until you have a valid Nara Divorce Certificate In Pakistan . If someone still marries without following the divorce procedure in Pakistan he or she will be behind the bars and a proper FIR will be chalked against such person. If you want to go through the procedure of divorce in Pakistan best solution is to file a divorce through a divorce lawyer in Pakistan and leave the rest on him. A divorce lawyer in Pakistan will process the procedure of divorce in Pakistan and at the end will get you a valid divorce certificate in Pakistan. At the end the state or Pakistani government is going to ask you whether you have a Pakistani divorce certificate or not. No one is bothers if you have verbally divorce your wife or not.

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