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Why Choose Google Flutter for Mobile App Development

· Uses Dart programming language which supports most of the object-oriented concepts

· Easy to learn and understand

· Includes most of the native modules in its framework

· Eliminates the use of third-party app requirements as it contains most of the UI rendering components, stateful management, device API access, navigation, testing, and plenty of libraries.

· Facilitates cross-platform app development

What You’ll Get to Learn with Google Flutter

1.Dart Object-oriented Programming Language

The main reasons why Dart is becoming the fastest-growing programming language in 2019-2020 are that it is easy to learn and understand due to its simple syntax, has a good compiler, and supports most of the object-oriented concepts. As Google Flutter uses Dart programming language, it has a lot of potential for mobile app developers to start learning Google Flutter for their future mobile applications.

2.Technical Architecture and Stateful Management

Unlike React Natives, Flutter is inclusive of most of the native modules which eliminate the use of third-party bridges for communicating with the native modules.

3.Flutter’s Hot Reload Feature

Hot Reload allows the app developers to try out new stuff, build impressive UI, add new features and fix technical glitches instantly. All these are done without compromising on the speed and performance of the applications. Moreover, its reliability makes it a trustable platform to choose for mobile app development.

4.Easy Layout Concepts

The app developers using layout libraries such as React, Flexbox, CSS Grid, etc., may find it easier to learn Google Flutter layouts. In addition, the easy UI logic used in Google Flutter also ensures reliable coding.

5.Access to Flutter’s Widget Tutorials

Flutter offers a plethora of its widgets’ tutorials for the app developers to help them learn Google Flutter without any hassle. Besides too many widgets, Google Flutter comes with advanced Dart features and architecture patterns that call for the app developers and mobile app development companies to focus more on Google Flutter for creating new apps.

6.App Development for Different Platforms

Using Google Flutter, mobile app developers can easily use a single code for two different platforms such as Google Play Store or iTunes Connect.

7.Flutter’s Firebase

If you are a small mobile app development company with insufficient backend developers, then using Flutter’s Firebase can be beneficial for handling small projects. Flutter’s Firebase can easily handle backend services for mobile applications which include authentication, data storage, database, and hosting without the requirement of maintaining your own servers.


Google has recently announced the new Flutter 1.9 that uses Dart 2.5 programming language to support both web and mobile applications. The updated version of Flutter features support for Calling C Code, intelligent code completion by using Machine Learning concepts, constant expressions, enhanced architecture patterns, material widgets, and toolchains; and support for multiple languages. With these features, Google Flutter has emerged as a leading mobile app development platform in 2019-2020.

So, are you ready to leverage the benefits of Google Flutter in 2020 for your next mobile app?

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