Ideas On How To Personalise Your Bathroom


This room should be pretty and comfortable as it’s used so regularly.

Regardless of whether it is a classic bathroom, wellness oasis or innovative high-tech bathroom: we will present you with wonderful bathroom ideas and find you the right partner for the realisation of your new dream bathroom.

The Classic Bathroom

Discreet in design, functional in furnishings: bathrooms in the classic style are enjoying great popularity.

This is due in particular to their timeless appearance – once renovated, refurbished or newly furnished, a classic bathroom is still up to date even after 10 or 15 years.

Contours and light colours dominate the design of this bathroom idea.

We recommend wall surfaces in pure white with pastel, large-format tiles in cream, brown or beige shades as a colour nuance.

Light bathroom furniture, like a vanity unit, rounds off the discreet and imperishable overall impression.

The Simple & Modern Bathroom

Functionality and functionality are the leitmotifs for simple and modern bathrooms.

Large-format tiles in cool and muted colours in combination with white or grey painted walls form the basis of this style.

Visually eye-catching accents are set by modern elements made of glass, wood or steel surfaces – for example in bathroom furniture with preferably closed fronts.

In addition, there are sanitary objects with clear edges and defined shapes.

Classic washbasins are a thing of the past with this style.

When modernising your bathroom, use cuboids instead as matching geometric figures.

Bathroom fittings should also have corners and edges and come to the fore with glossy surfaces.

Less is more, is the motto for decorative articles.

Limit yourself to the essentials and leave it at towels and a few accessories in strong colours.

The Wellness Oasis

Cosiness, recreation and relaxation are, in the foreground here.

How about a bath with a steam bath, an infrared cabin or a whirlpool?

If you have enough space and money at your disposal, nothing speaks against a high-quality wellness oasis at home with amenities that you otherwise only know from public baths and saunas. Sufficient open spaces are ideal for the feel-good factor.

Consider this aspect during planning by focusing on a few highlights.

A freestanding bathtub conveys generosity and elegance, and with it, you can also avoid the typical, traditional bathroom look.

Natural materials such as dark wood or stone as well as textiles made of cotton or linen are conducive to the atmosphere.

Soft colours such as sand yellow or cream as basic tones radiate harmony.

With a suitable lighting concept, you complete the style.

Rely on a balanced mixture of bright working light and cosy feel-good light.

Dimmable and colour-changing LED strips are a good choice.

The Living Bathroom

With the concept of the living bathroom, you say goodbye completely to the classic bathroom and instead focus on an innovative and comfortable living comfort.

A living bathroom is a room in which the bathroom, bedroom and dressing area merge seamlessly.

Accordingly, a lot of space is a basic requirement for this bathroom idea.

How about a free-standing bathtub or a rain shower in the middle of the room, for example?

Especially in older buildings, it may be necessary to remove walls and merge two rooms.

Bathroom modernization offers the perfect reason for this. If in doubt, consult a structural engineer or architect.

Design highlights such as wooden wardrobes, upholstered armchairs and decorative houseplants can create a cosy atmosphere.

The Family Bathroom

If you want to furnish a functional family bathroom, you need one thing above all else: a lot of space, even in the shower area.


Furthermore, such a bathroom should be equally adapted to the needs of children, parents and perhaps grandparents.

Our bathroom ideas for this concept:

a tilting mirror

non-slip stools at the washbasin

a height-adjustable WC

robust and easy-care materials

at best accessibility for seniors

If space is limited, a combined shower bath is also a good compromise.

In addition, plan plenty of storage space, for example with bathroom furniture such as a vanity unit.

Custom-made furniture for all free walls and corners is recommended so that there is sufficient freedom of movement even in smaller bathrooms.

The Feng-Shui Bathroom

With the “Chinese Teaching of Harmonious Living and Dwelling Design,” you create harmony between people and their environment through the interplay of Feng (wind) and Shui (water) – the perfect prerequisite for a high feel-good factor in the bathroom at home.

A Feng Shui consultant will help you to receive advice that is individually tailored to you and your living situation.

The basic principle is to create peace and intimacy, for example through windows with privacy protection and a lockable bathroom door.

In addition, use blue and red colours sparingly and use light and calm colours such as cream-white or beige instead.

Closed cupboards, plants and rounded edges complete your Feng Shui bathroom.

The Mediterranean Bathroom

Do you like the Mediterranean lifestyle and would you like to remember your wonderful holidays in the Mediterranean area during every bathroom stay?

Then you will like this idea! Warm, earthy colours and organic natural materials bring Roman thermal baths, Greek baths or Spanish haciendas very close to you.

Untreated woods, rough natural stones or a shower wall made of glass set suitable accents with this style.

Earthy colours such as ochre, terracotta or carmine red can be used as wall colours.

With the wall tiles, you set best on natural stone or mosaic.

A cubically shaped washbasin, Mediterranean plants and warm lighting round off the design.

The High Tech Bathroom

The digitalization of everyday life does not stop at the bathroom as a place of retreat.

Intelligent bathroom technology makes your stay in the bathroom as comfortable and as convenient as possible.

Our ideas for this bathroom concept:

An intelligent shower toilet with a shower jet and warm air hairdryer ensures maximum hygiene.

Digital fittings on the mixer taps enable you to set the water temperature precisely to the degree and to regulate the strength of the water jet at the sink or in the shower.

The mirror incorporates high-tech functions such as Bluetooth connection, smartphone holder, LED lighting and built-in monitors for retrieving weather data, time and news.

App-controlled electronic towel heaters and smart lighting complete the high-tech bathroom.

Accessible Bathroom Design

Make your bathroom fit for your own future: so that you or your parents can enjoy as much quality of life as possible within your own four walls, even in old age, it is best to design your bathroom directly barrier-free.


These should be at least 20 centimetres apart and 30 centimetres to the next sidewall.

In front of the washbasin, WC, shower and bathtub, an open area of 120×120 centimetres is advisable – for a wheelchair user even 150×150 centimetres.

In addition, a wheelchair accessible door has a width of at least 90 centimetres and should open outwards.

Other important aspects are a washstand that can be driven under, a shower at ground level, barrier-free fittings, a height-adjustable toilet and support-handles on the walls.

The Small Bathroom

Even a small bathroom can be turned into a real gem with a high feel-good factor with well-thought-out bathroom design.

If, for example, you do not want to do without a bathtub, a so-called space-saving bathtub can be your solution.

Corner bathtubs can also be accommodated in smaller bathrooms.

Our tip: Do without a shower tray. Instead, lay your shower at floor level and equip it with a glass shower cubicle.

This makes the small room look more spacious.

In addition, pre-wall installations provide further design options: With newly laid pipes and plasterboard claddings, you can install washbasins and WCs in the corners of the room, for example.

The Oriental Bathroom

When you think of the Orient, you have playful elements and elaborate decorations before your eyes.

In your bathroom, you get this oriental atmosphere through playful fittings and decorated wooden furniture.

Turquoise blue, ruby red and emerald green are suitable colours for this concept.

Sand and ochre tones on the walls round off the design.

Patterned tiles also fit well into this room concept.

You can set accents with silk or velvet curtains.

Prices And Costs For Your New Dream Bathroom

The prices and costs that arise from the implementation of your bathroom ideas usually depend on the scope and size of the project.

A rather small bathroom can be redesigned or furnished more cheaply than a 25 square metre room with a free-standing bathtub and other special features.

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