5 Effective Website Design Features That Grab the Attention of Visitors

The right web designing is what leads the path forward once the visitor reaches a particular website. It does so by providing the right kind of vibes and effectively conveying the relevant information. It is the designing part that differentiates one website from the other working in the same domain. The right designing converses with the visitors and engages them with its elements and practices.

Here are a few web design elements and practices, which help in engaging conversation motivating the visitors to stay longer on your website and exploring your offering.

Use Image Captions

Image captions, which are often the most overlooked aspect, can be used to add substance. This tool can be extremely useful in generating visual interest and providing insights thus adding more substance and style to the website. If used correctly, image captions can even become the trademark of your brand or website.

Black-and-White Palette Is Back

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Use Breadcrumbs Navigation

Any web development company in Noida that you hire should be well-equipped and experienced to design perfect websites. All good designers use breadcrumbs navigation to improve the user experience. This tool helps in reducing the number of actions required to go to the higher-level or previous pages. As search engines give prominence to user experience, using this helps in getting good rankings in SERPs.

Glitch Aesthetic Art

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Landing Page Concept

To keep the landing page informative yet uncluttered, agencies use the concept of above-the-fold and below-the-fold. This concept emerged from the fact that an average user spends 3 seconds to decide whether to explore or abandon a particular page. Thus, the web design companies plan the landing page based on this concept. Above-The-Fold is the first area where the visitor’s eyes fall on and it contains primary data like gripping headlines, a video or an image illustrating the message you want to give or the primary call-to-action button. The idea is to hook the visitors with this above-the-fold content and motivate them to scroll down and reach Below-The-Fold where all secondary information is given.

These are a few of the effective website design features that are sure to catch the attention of the visitors.

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