Best Tech to Maximize Online Safety

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Update Your Software Often


Set Unique Passwords

While running your business online, you will be required to open several accounts. It is easy for hackers to target these accounts and gain access to essential information. As much as it is vital to invest in heavy technology security, you can as well safeguard your accounts by setting unique passwords for each account. People often tend to use the same password to operate multiple accounts. As much as this makes it easy on your end as you cannot be locked out on one account, it also makes all accounts vulnerable and a higher risk. If, for instance, a hacker manages to access one account, it will be easy for them to intrude to all others and access all essential data from various accounts. Although you might have a problem remembering too many passwords, you are sure that every information therein is secure all the time.

2-Factor Authentication

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Have A Recovery Email Address Or Number

For most people, recovery email or number is only helpful when you have lost particular data and want to retrieve it. However, setting that recovery number goes far beyond as it doubles up as an effective security alert. In case of any suspicious activities in your accounts, you receive an SMS or email alerting you on the unexpected activity. Therefore, it will be easy for you to act first and on time before things get out of hand. It also gives you the leverage of blocking anyone who you don’t want to operate the account without your permission. Additionally, in case you lose your device, the recovery number makes it easy for you to retrieve lost data hence improve your daily business operations.


Online safety is becoming a basic requirement for everyone. Whether you want to safeguard your business or personal security, it is essential to ensure you are using genuine software to minimize online risks. Additionally, whenever you spot a breach, it is in order to act accordingly and on time before things run out of control.

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