Kpop Song Vs Kpop Song Of The Same Name

A new series I'm trying out!

So each day (hopefully if I keep up the posting) I'll be posting kpop songs that have the same name in a card.

In these cards tell me which is your favorite in the comments.

Today we have,

I'm Fine - Grace


I'm Fine - Victon


I'm Fine - Seulgi Ryu


I'm Fine - VRomance


I'm Fine - NC.A

Songs of Similar Titles:

(These songs aren't meant to be versus the one's above.)

She's Fine - Heize

I'm Ok - iKON

Fine - Taeyeon

Song of the same Title but isn't a Title Track:

(Again not meant to be chosen as a favorite.)

I'm Fine - BTS

See the previous cards below:

Card 1 - Illusion

Card 2 - All Night

Card 3 - Breathe

Card 4 - Run Away

Card 5 - Hands Up

Card 6 - Danger

[Which is your favorite I'm Fine?]

[ (within a dream) in a dream ]
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