Dubsmash and 5 other apps to make funny videos and share them on chats and networks

Communicating is no longer the primary function of mobile phones, which have become the favorite tool for users to entertain themselves. This is not only a matter of social networks, it is also reflected in the emergence of dozens of apps prepared so that we all take advantage of free time having fun with the mobile in our hands .

Entertainment apps are divided into different categories, among which we highlight those for editing photos and videos. We already talk about the best applications to put filters on your face , so now is the time to discover Dubsmash and 5 other apps to make funny videos and share them on chats and social networks .

The best apps to make and share funny videos


Google already considered Dubsmash in 2016 as one of the best applications of the year , especially in the viral section. Far from falling into oblivion, this app has continued to grow and allowing the creation of thousands of videos that succeed in social networks for their comedy. Below, you can see a compilation of the many on YouTube with millions of views and confirm that Dubsmash is a success among the youngest.

Dubsmash, available to download for free for Android in the Google Play Store, does not keep much mystery. Simply choose the playback of a movie scene, a song or any other famous piece and record yourself while synchronizing the movement of your lips with the audio in question .

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Once the recording is done, you can save the file on your phone or share it with the rest of the world, either through WhatsApp chats, or through social networks such as Twitter or Instagram . That is one of Dubsmash's strengths, sharing the videos with the rest of the user community to make them go viral on the web.

This app, the most prominent in regards to recording funny videos, also allows users to upload their own audios for playback . However, it is a process that needs some time, since it must be done from the Dubsmash website and not from the mobile app.


YayCam, with more than one million downloads in the Play Store, has also managed to convince users with its funny effects for videos. From a helium effect for the voice to the delayed mirror effect, this app offers different filters for users to entertain while creating funny videos.

At the moment, the variety of masks that can be applied is scarce, so the use of YayCam is limited. However, it is enough to have a good time when recording yourself with a distorted face and voice and share it through social networks.


Madlipz es otra de las apps más conocidas en el mundo de los vídeos graciosos. Si echas un vistazo por YouTube, podrás comprobar que existen muchas publicaciones que recopilan las mejores piezas creadas por esta app por los amantes del doblaje.

Like the previous ones, Madlipz is available for download from the Google Play Store for free, something that more than 10 million people have already done. We could say that this app has the opposite operation to Dubsmash, since you must choose the clip of the video you want to fold and then add your voice .

"You can be the creator of the next viral meme , " said Madlipz officials, who recently added the ability to create subtitles for videos . As with this type of apps, Madlipz's success lies in the ease of sharing clips produced both in chats with your friends and in social networks with other users.

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