Stages and Significance of the Clinical Reasoning Cycle

clinical reasoning cycle by Levett-Jones

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The answer is simple. Go through this blog to know about the eight stages of clinical reasoning and their significance.

One must move back and forth between the stages to come to the precise conclusion regarding the health of the patient. The eight steps of the clinical reasoning cycle are as follows.

ØConsidering patients’ situation

The initial information regarding a patient’s status reaches you at this stage. A three-year-old admitted on account of chest pains is an example of such information.

ØCollecting information

This stage revolves around considering the patients’ medical history. It includes, but is not limited o, the results of the tests, the current treatment plan, and vital signs.

ØProcessing collected information

This stage helps you to determine the future course of action for the treatment. It takes into account the relevant pharmacological and physiological details for the decision-making process.

ØIdentifying the problem

With the information that you have gathered so far, this stage lets you identify the problem or the main reason behind the patients’ current physical state.

ØEstablishing goals

Determining treatment goals for the patient falls under this stage. You must prepare a time-oriented goal that helps you understand the situation even better.

ØTaking action

Now comes the phase for taking positive action based on the information that you have collected. This stage lets you involve the other members of the medical team so that everyone is on the same page.

ØEvaluating outcomes

This stage helps you evaluate the effectiveness of the actions that you take. It lets you determine whether you need to alter the course.

ØReflecting on the process

Finally, the last stage of the cycle lets you reflect on the new things you pick up from the case. The prompt course of action for emergency cases, for example, is one such takeaway.

When you think about it, the clinical reasoning cycle is not all that complicated. Once you know about the basic principles and rationale of the same, it will be easier for you to compose assignments that get you stellar grades. Here is wishing you luck with the assignments on the clinical reasoning cycle.

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