Most Popular Programming Languages to Learn in 2019

The blooming IT professionals over the world is doing hard attempts for designing and developing new technologies year by year for a smooth life. The professionals always either try to make improvements into the existing one or come up with new languages. The evolution of programming languages is not a new concept and they keep on updating. In some cases, the languages we are using today have great difference from the previous one. So individuals who aspire to make a career in IT industry should stay updated with the trending programming languages.

Programming languages is an aspect of technology and are vast generally. Selecting a preferred one among the most popular list is not only difficult but challenging as well. If you are entering into the development field, you would be surely confused from where to begin! There are many to choose from but the one should be suitable for you, your career & goals you have decided. One of the easiest ways to choose the best programming language in 2019 is by learning what is trending in the market. Hope the given list helps you in some way.

Popular Programming Languages of 2019

1.JavaScript Language

JavaScript is the most popular as well as crucial language ever known as it is impossible to imagine software development without JavaScript. JavaScript enables developers to include responsive impression to pages on web. It works with HTML & CSS to create documents & websites. It allows for client-side interactivity on a webpage. The most common functions of JavaScript are text boxes, buttons and popup. JavaScript is dynamic and often called as “behaviors”. It is quite simple and easy to operate and you can very easily learn it. Beginners love this popular programming language most!


Python programming language is different in a way. Interestingly, python is a significant and widespread language in this present point of time. Python runs the cyber-security which is one of the essential software of this age. Python is easy to learn & powerful than other languages because of its dynamic feature & simple syntax process. In industries, machine learning using python has become popular from some years due to its standard libraries which are used for scientific & numeric calculations. Python is interactive and has user friendly context, best for beginners!Why Demand for Python Programming Language is Growing?


Java is object-oriented language and is user friendly. Most of the programmers do not find it complicated at all to use and companies now have great demand for Java programmers. Java is somewhat similar to C++ and has been on the top chart from long time. Moreover, Java can run on all systems and it is most popular language for Android gadgets. Java is similar in many ways to JavaScript, but still unrelated. Java is most often seen in web applets and many online games run through Java.  Java can practically do anything which makes it a must language to learn in 2019.


These 2 languages are old classics still widely use in today. C was though originally meant for use in systems programming, but it soon become popular for consumer software due to its versatility. It is among the first most popular programming language to learn in 2019. C++ is also one of the most popular of all the programming languages and can be used for almost every application. Being one of the best developed and powerful programming languages in use, it is essential for IT workers to know and learn. Both C/C++ was and will always remain the most popular choice!


Out of the other numerous computer programming languages, PHP is the most sought one. PHP is a server-side language that allows for interactive web pages. It can be integrated with the basic HTML of a page. Unlike JavaScript which works solely on client side, PHP works on server side as well. PHP really shines wherever interaction with server is desirable. Not only this, PHP also works well with Java and is used mainly for web development around the world. This can be seen as a replacement of C/C++ in web applications, so should be in every programmer’s depository!


The main characteristics of Swift over Objective-C that the length of coding is reduced to half with the addition of new operators offered by Swift. Also Swift has a clean syntax which makes swift easy to use and write code in it. In swift language, the optional value is very clear as compared to Objective C which enables programmer to fix code easily by saving time and money. Swift resembles with English language and hence it becomes easier for existing technical professionals from other languages to switch to Swift without many problems. A must language to learn!


Ruby is considered best for the new companies and technology developers, especially for beginners. There are many reasons why it is marked as very important. First is the way of putting words together is attractive to behold. This allows technicians accompany more work with a little code.  Again, a running web app does not take as much time as how others are framed, this is why the beginning tech developer loves to learn this language. In short, you can build an application with less lines of code with this dynamically typed language i.e. Ruby!


SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is a declarative programming language used to access and manipulate data in RDBMS. SQL program help to secure the data and SQL backup is crucial to keep. SQL is important to maintain the integrity of databases and you must have knowledge of it as it is used across web frameworks and database applications. Include this in your list as well!

Before you begin learning any programming language, you should be clear with the theoretical concepts of the language. You should be aware of the differences between the basic concepts of different programming languages, say how Objective C is theoretically different from PHP etc. You should also implement the concepts practically to grasp functionality of each element. The software industry keeps changing every year and comes up with new updates or releases. To choose which language is important to learn in 2019 totally depends on your interest area. So firstly decide which field you would like to choose, and then choose the programming language accordingly!

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