KARD Gets Plagiarized By Group Crystal Krush

Hello all, I thought I'd share this because I found it shocking at the blatant copying of KARD's concept, music, and dance.

Crystal Krush is a Mexican coed group that consists of 2 b oys and 2 girls. Given that KARD don't own that you can't say much there. But dear lord they blatantly copy their songs too. You may think it's a cover but DSP Media (KARD's company) has taken legal action against the group.

Apparently Crystal Krush's agency tried to claim that DSP Media and them were on good terms and that they were given permission to use the music & dance. However, DSP Media has since denied that and took legal action. Crystal Krush's agency has since deleted the member's official sns's.

KARD - Oh Nana

Crystal Krush - Oh Nana

KARD - Push & Pull

Crystal Krush - Push & Pull

Just make your own music & dances please!!!

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