Instagram Ad Creation Explained through 3 Simple Steps

It takes more than a fabulous picture to succeed with Instagram advertising. In this article, you’ll discover three easy ways to create Instagram ads.

1. Promote an Instagram Post With the Instagram App :

If you have an Instagram business account, you can create promotions with the Instagram app to boost the visibility of a post on your profile. Unlike a Facebook Boost, promoting existing content on Instagram creates a replica of your post and turns it into a separate ad, instead of showing your original post. That means the likes, comments, shares, & tags you accumulate on the promoted post will vanish after the promotion ends.

2. Create Instagram Ads for Facebook News Feed in Facebook Ads Manager :

Facebook has updated Ads Manager to include some of the best features of Power Editor so everyone can get the most out of their Facebook and Instagram ads. To create an Instagram ad in Ads Manager, use this link to choose or create ad accounts outside Business Manager, and this link to view or create ad accounts inside Business Manager.

3. Create Instagram Stories Ads in Facebook Ads Manager

To have your ads run on Instagram stories:

*Go to Ads Manager and select + Create.

*Choose an objective that aligns with your marketing goal.

*Fill in the details for your campaign. At the Placements level, choose Automatic placements.

*If you choose Edit placements, tick the box for Stories under Instagram.

*Continue by setting your ad's budget and schedule. The next steps will be related to choosing elements that will determine what your ad will look like.

*Choose Single image, Single video or Carousel as the ad format.

*View the specifications required for ads.

*Add any images or videos to your ad and finish including other details.

If you chose an image and any compatible objective except Traffic (app or Messenger), Video Views, Messages, Conversions (app or Messenger) or Store traffic, you can use stories templates, a free design tool which allows you to customise your creative into a vertical stories animation.

*Complete your ad by selecting Confirm.

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