They are also rather easy to experience

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Assassin Tanks will be the cheese tanks of SWTOR. They have use of the strongest defensive cooldown amongst gamers in Force Shroud, will be able to ignore several tank swap mechanics, and enjoy the ability to outright ignore mechanics that could kill other tanks. They are also rather easy to experience, this can rather simple rotation, however, you have got to keep track of several sorts of active mitigation to be able to maximize your survivability.

While not quite as powerful since they were in 5.x, an expansion where they were downright broken, Assassin Tanks continue to be a solid option for PvE tanking and continue to be quite desirable for progression groups. This guide covers everything from gearing, to rotations, to utility loadouts, plus reading this guide, it's my hope you should have a general thought of how to begin playing an Assassin Tank in endgame PvE.

Don’t undercut excessive. This will just bring the marketplace value down, there will be less cash to be made. Try just undercutting by 1 credit, if someone undercuts you, just get out. The market is large enough and you should probably sell your items equally fast.If someone undercuts you with a lot. Simply buy his items too and make a benefit from them.

Keep a monopoly on things. If you keep buying every one of a particular item, you'll be able to dictate the marketplace price as you like and prepare a ton of credits. High level players have almost unlimited numbers of credits to make sure they usually wont mind paying at whatever price you might be selling for.

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