How to recover SQLite Database with different Approaches?

The most common problem with the database is to recover SQLite deleted database files from SQLite. But recovering SQLite data isn't fast. This blog will, therefore, explain all the appropriate solutions to solve the database concern. This blog contains several sections in which it will explain the SQLite Database first, then the reasons for deletion, and then how to solve the problem.

Factors of SQLite Database Corruption:

1. Process action in a disk file.

2. Error in running applications can corrupt the database.

3. Incompatibility between running threads and processes can damage the data files.

4. If the SQLite Data Protection feature is disabled.

Most important Points about SQLite Database:

1. A software library is SQLite that provides a relational database management system. In SQLite, lite refers to lightweight in terms of configuration, resource requirements, and database management.

2. One of the widely available services is SQLite in the world, with some more resources including numerous high-profile initiatives.

3. It is also incorporated in the SQL database engine and there is no single server system in SQLite, unlike any other SQL database.

4. It reads and writes directly to the ordinary disk file. However, users may mistakenly delete the records from the SQLite and then recover them to maintain business continuity.

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How SQLite Database Structure looks like?

The SQLite database follows the B-Tree structure A single B-Tree is used to manage each index and table within the database. All B-trees are stored in the same disk folder and specifics of the file format are consistent and well-defined. Furthermore, the btree.h header file indicates the B-tree subsystem & rest interface of the SQLite library.

Database pages:

Server header:

How SQLite recover deleted records manually?

If the files are not backed up, you can use the manual method to restore the database.

1. Initially, open the DB Browse for SQL Lite.

2. Hit on the Execute SQL tab to run the query.

3. Type PRAGMA integrity_check and hit on play button.

4. Go to File >>Export and choose Database to SQL File.

5. Pick the items to export.

6. Hit on OK button to start the export process.

7. Wait until the process completes then you can again import the database file.

8. Visit File >>Import and choose Database to SQL.

SQLite Database Recovery


In this blog, various approaches to recover SQLite deleted Databases have been given. Reasons and the structure of the Database also provided. You can use any of the above methods of your choice.

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