Kpop Song Vs Kpop Song Of The Same Name

Each day (hopefully if I keep up the posting) I'll be posting kpop songs that have the same name in a card.

In these cards tell me which is your favorite in the comments.

(I'd like to note that I'm only listing title tracks on this series from now on forward.)

(Also if you haven't heard both songs that are put up against each other I recommend listening to both before deciding! The whole purpose of this series is to expose you guys to new music!)

Really Really - Winner


Really Really - Cherry Bullet


Devil - CLC


Devil - Super Junior

[Because today's songs both only had two songs of the same name I included two different song names!]


See the previous cards below:

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Card 6 - Danger

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Card 8 - Obsession & Good Luck

Card 9 - Senorita & Hocus Pocus


[Which is your favorite Really Really & Devil?]


Kpop Same Name Taglist:


If you'd like to be tagged please let me know!

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