How to recover Microsoft account password

Forgot Your Microsoft Account Password? Here’s What To Do

Facing trouble while signing into your email account can be one of the most disappointing things that happen to you. When it comes to Microsoft accounts, the disappointment may rise up if you use such an account as your primary one. However, just like any major email service provider, Microsoft has also availed several of its account recovery solutions to its customers. If you do not know how to recover a Microsoft account’s password then stay stick to this article till the end to get your password recovery issue fixed.

Simple Steps To Recover Password For Your Microsoft Account

Before you move ahead with the recovery process, you must know at least one of the recovery options such as email address or phone number that is linked with your Microsoft account. In this way, the account recovery process will become much easier for you. Follow the steps mentioned below.

· Navigate to the account recovery page of Microsoft

· Enter the username of your account and then click on the continue button

· Next, you may need to do the captcha verification and then click on the next button

· Now, select a verification method such email address or phone number and get the verification code

· Now that you have received the code, enter it into the given space and then click on the next button

· Now you will be redirected to the generate password page where you’ll need to enter a new password into the given space for two times

· Next, save the changes and then try signing into your account via using the updated password

Microsoft account recovery

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