Know More About Escalator Ads And Lift Ads Services

What is advertising?

Advertising is a marketing technique that is used to promote a product, service or cause. The advertisements have actual promotional messages. The objective of advertising is to reach the customers who are willing or interested to buy the offered products and services. The advertisements are prepared in such a manner that the people get enticed by it.

Why is advertising important for a business?

Advertising is the backbone of any business entity. It supports the business by creating more customers and increased profits. There are many ways to advertise products and services. Display advertising has been the most common form of advertising. With the rise of technology, internet advertising has also become more popular. This technique followed by the businesses helps get the message to reach the people.

lift ads services in India

Lift and escalator advertising

The newest form of advertising includes lift advertising and escalator advertising. This is a more revolutionary concept that uses poster-sized banners and ads in the lift spaces and escalators. As most people use lifts in apartments, complexes, buildings, malls, and offices, lift and escalator advertising has proved to be very successful and of great importance.

When people use lifts and escalators, they see these escalator ads and lift ads. There is no distraction, therefore, an advertisement captures their entire attention and stays in their mind. This is the most effective way to get a message to reach the audience with a sense of remembrance. They will want to know more about the product and hence this will create demand. This is the reason why lift and escalator advertising has such a high success rate. They are creative and advanced form of advertising, without having the customer to be bombarded with ads.

Some of the advantages of escalator and lift advertising services in India are-

More attention

When one is using a social media platform, one is there for entertainment or to connect with friends and family. People tend to not notice the advertisements that much, and even if they do, they read the first line and scroll down. In lifts and escalators, one will spend 20-50 seconds or more focusing on the advertisement.


Lift and escalator advertising is comparatively less expensive than other forms of advertising. These ads have proven out to be budget-friendly. Traditional ways of advertising not only consumes more resources, but they are also not very effective today.

Audience involvement

The involvement of the audience is higher when it comes to escalator and lift advertising. Every person who is using a lift or an elevator has no choice but to look at the advertisement, hence, this creates a sense of consideration and possibly also initiates interest, resulting in demand creation.

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