How to Solve SQLite Database is Locked Error Code 5?

When using SQLite Database there may be a situation where users face difficulties when performing operations and transactions. The difficulties faced are due to the “SQLite database is locked error code 5” issue. Therefore, to move out of this SQLite error code 5 we have come up with a number of solutions. Keep reading this blog.

database is locked code 5 error


Causes of SQLite Database is locked Error Code 5-

This error code usually appears when an SQLite user tries to execute two inappropriate transactions or operations on the same data connection and the same other information in a server.

The error message shows that a similar operation can not be done as there is a transaction occurrence using the same database connection or a separate link to the database using a shared cache.

As SQLite is a lightweight database it cannot handle a higher level of concurrency.

When attempting to do two Select operations on a table simultaneously in a multithreaded application.

SQLite_locked error is generated by an NFS locking issue.

When trying to create or drop a table while there's a Select Thread on the table.

Manual methods to remove “SQLite Database is Locked Error Code 5” -

There are many manual ways to resolve it as shown below:

1. Applying Backup copy

Locked error is one of the easiest ways to solve this SQLite database, making a database backup that has no locks on it. You can replace the original database with its backed-up copy after doing that. You can go through the scripts below to do the same task.

$Sqlite3 .x.Sqlite

Sqlite> .backup main backup.Sqlite

Sqlite> .exit

.x. SQLite means as a database file for SQLite.

You will have a backup folder called as a backup. SQLite in the same directory. Now replace your old database file with the new SQLite database backup file copy. As the backup file doesn’t have any locks then code 5 will not encounter in the SQLite error database.

$mv .db.Sqlite old.Sqlite

$mv backup.Sqlite .db.Sqlite

Once the above script is completed successfully, you can use the full access to your database Ensure the operations of reading and writing can be performed on the database You can delete the old SQLite database folder after that.

2. By increasing Time

If a transaction takes too long, then access to the database will block other threads. In the worst-case scenario, when waiting for the completion of each other, multiple threads may be blocked. SQLite has a lock timeout to eliminate this problem. If a thread is detected waiting for a lock for more than the default time(5 seconds), the process is stopped and we face SQLite error code 5.

So, by increasing the default time, you can able to remove this error.

SQLite Database Repair

Final Verdict

The database is locked code 5 error often faced by many SQlite database users So to sole it, we provided the best measures. Also, to avoid the limitations of manual ways a direct automated way is given in this blog.

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