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1. Make a proper plan

Before everything, always make a proper plan to avoid making a mess. Jumping straight to the coding is not a good idea. Mark the due date on the calendar to work accordingly. Write down all the requirements of the assignments. Then chalk out a plan that will lead to finishing the assignment on time with no hassle.

2. Maintain clarity and be organized

The created programming code should be simple to run. It must have a decent readme file. The reviewer instead of referring to the supplied documentation prefers to run the given program. One should keep in mind that the reviewers might not be accessed to the same libraries or the operating system that is used by the student. To maintain clarity while presenting the assignment so that the reviewer can easily run the program. The program that you create should be well organized and must include installation steps. If the student has doubts about the installation steps or something other, they may ask the teacher for help in the programming assignments.

3. No need to understand everything

When one code does not work, be a smart one by moving to the next one. In spite of a few minor code errors, if the programming is working as expected, do not indulge in figuring out the wrong code.   

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