Why Is 9apps Supposed To Be Better Choice Than Other App-Downloading Platforms?

What Is 9apps?


Vidmate for android


Hence, it can be said that it is no surprise that this app is one of the highly recommended apps of the current times. With its attractive look and smooth run, this app can cater to all the needs of an internet user. At a time when free content of the best and most popular trends is hard to find, Vidmate is sure to be a rage among internet users.

How to use vidmate on windows platform?

To use vidmate on windows you need to download the vidmate app. But before that, you have to download an app called Nox. This is a player. After you have downloaded the vidmate app make sure you open it in the Nox player only. Any other player will not work out for this app. So, if you are on the Windows platform you do not have an option other than downloading the Nox player. Any other player does not support the videos downloaded from the vidmate app.

What If The Video Or Document Is Downloaded, But The Downloaded File Shows 0KB?

Many users have faced this difficulty; they have issues with downloading videos or content like;

a) Certain apps or websites

b) Errors while downloading

c) Content downloads multiple times without the intended result


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