#FanFiction President Intro

Hi everyone!

Wow. Well not really wow, kinda knew I would get it since there was no present president. But now what?


Vingle username:



Was once an EXO council member, will probably apply again next term. Feel like it's too late now, since they will start voting for a new president soon (Good Luck to the candidates!)

I love to write. I especially love to write kpop fan fiction, especially EXO fanfic. Didn't mean to start but here we are. You're welcome to read some if you like. It's been a hit and miss. I also like to write other fan fiction. That's something will touch on in a sec.

Currently still working on a fanfic, "Nocturnal Creature Jun Myeon". I have only recently been able to get back to working on it. It's also been 13 months since the first card was posted for that story. I had some other stories going but never got to finish. Sadly, I do have a story, I never finished. One day I'll return to it.


What I Would Like To See




Well I hope I can get to know everyone better. Many of you probably have seen me around or know me by my stories. Starting a new tag list for this, I already have an EXO fanfic list. If you want to be added to my new list, comment below. Yes, would like some council members to help out. So please apply if you're interested!

Thanks! See y'all soon!!

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