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Jun Myeon was worried, he didn’t know what he was going to do with Sehun. After him and Yixing had it out, he was crying and talking crazy, talking about ending his immortal life. Wanting to walk out into the sun and waste away to ashes. He was somehow not cured by his own efforts to “set things right”, as he called it. Jun Myeon wanted to keep him close, hoping he would get over this. 

He stared at Sehun lying on his couch, Xiumin had him bound in silver to keep him still, he was being very destructive, not only to his surroundings but to himself as well. Kyung was at his side trying to soothe him, trying to put his mind at ease but whatever was going through Sehun’s mind, was making Kyung cry and after a while he excused himself and left the room. 

He watched the girl, that seer that Yixing had brought over with him, she seemed to want to help but Sehun wouldn’t talk to her. He just kept looking away, even turning himself away, telling her to go away. She wouldn’t, she remained on the floor beside him, on her knees. He wondered who she was, he could see that she was a seer, a psychic of some sort but what else was she. 

He left the room, telling Kai and Xiumin to watch him.

He went down the hall to the elevator, he figured Yixing was downstairs with his mother. 

“Jun Myeon…”

He heard someone calling his name. He turned to Kyung catching up to him.

“Jun Myeon…” his normally deep silky voice was shaky, “He’s terribly heartbroken. He wants to die so much.”

“Well I’m not going to let him. He’s just going to have to learn to go on.” Jun Myeon said as they got on the elevator.

“That's so cruel.” Kyung had another red tear rolling down his cheek.

Jun Myeon wiped it away, “D, he’s lived with this idea for hundreds of years, it's going to take just as much time to get over it. I know that. And if I have to, I’ll bind him in silver and bury him for that time. And hope that he sleeps away his broken heart. I don’t want to lose him.”

Kyung hung his head, trying to hold back his tears. As they stepped off the elevator, he felt something in the room, something odd. He lifted his gaze from the floor and glanced around the room. Across from him and Jun Myeon, were Yixing and Aria, they were talking, he was sitting next to her like a child, his hands wrapped around hers, his head on her shoulder while she listened. Kyung felt something in her, something different. Her heart was torn. He felt her wanting to go to Sehun. To run to him, to hold him, to kiss away his tears, to love him. But the moment she saw Jun Myeon, those feelings went away, and she loved Jun Myeon again. She flew at him, wrapping her arms around, not wanting to let go. He could feel that love she has had for him for the past three centuries, pouring over like an ocean storm. 

Aria looked Jun Myeon in the eyes, her heart was bursting looking at him. His beautiful face smiling at her like the old days.

“Jun Myeon, let's go away from here. Lets me, you, and Yixing go somewhere and be together. Spend some time together. Just the three of us.” she said beggingly with her red eyes. 

Yixing was standing behind her, watching them in awe. 

Jun Myeon looked at Yixing and then back to her, he caressed her face, kissing her softly on the forehead, “Not right now, but I promise we will once I get Sehun situated.” 

Aria felt the world stop, the very sound of his name made her freeze. She heard that piano again, the same one she heard up in the air. Then she felt his lips on hers and she came back, “let the others take care of him.” she whispered.

He looked at her express, and wondered, “Did something happen up there I should know about?”

“No. nothing, he was hoping for something, I don’t know what…. Actually I don’t quite remember all of it. I remember going up, the planets aligning, a red moon...a piano.”

“A piano?” Kyung asked.

Aria nodded. 

“Nothing else?” Kyung asked.

Aria started to shake her head, then she remembered something, “ah…arguing...the sounds of the battlefield.”

Kyung walked up to her and turned her away from Jun Myeon, seemed like the second she looked away from him, her feelings for Sehun came rushing in. She lowered her eyes, staring at the floor sadly. He felt her wanting to tear through the floor to get to him. 

“Would you mind if I went inside you?” he asked

Aria smiled a sly smile, “Kyungsoo, I never knew you felt that way.” She pushed him back playfully.

Kyung rolled his eyes, “You know what I mean.”

“Be my guest.”

He looked deep into her eyes, little by little he saw what he couldn’t see before. She had awaken right after Sehun had taken her that day, he drank from her, drank so much that it put her down again to when he opened the tomb and fed her from himself. He had blindfolded her, when he took the blindfold off, they were high above the earth. Kyung looked up into the air, high above them, he saw the planets slowly moving together. He heard and saw everything she had seen, all the way back to the day of the battle, the day she first saw Jun Myeon but it wasn’t Jun she was looking at. Sehun was there, he had somehow stopped time long enough for her to see him. He felt someone touching his face and when he opened his eyes, Sehun was standing in front of him holding his jaw, his thumbs caressing his face, or her face. ‘Do you see… do you see me now?’ he whispered before kissing her lips. The world changed, her world changed, ripping her apart in two, a woman that loves both men. Then he was suddenly falling. 

Kyung stepped back, taking a deep breath, his arms swinging out to grab hold of something to keep from tripping over on his feet.

“Oh, Sehun, what have you done?” he breathed.

“What happened?” Jun Myeon asked.

Kyung turned her around to face Jun Myeon. He reached in as far as he could into her mind and blocked her feelings for Sehun. 

“Take her Jun Myeon, take her and Yixing and go. We’ll take care of Sehun. Just go!” Kyung said and shoved Aria at him.

Jun Myeon grabbed her, looking at Kyung’s face told him that he should listen. He picked Aria up into his arms and looked back at Yixing, “Follow me.”

Aria hung onto him tightly as they left the room.

“Where should we go?” he asked as they got on the elevator to go down. 

“Anywhere. Anywhere is fine… as long as it’s with you.” she said. She wondered what Kyungsoo had done to make her feelings for Sehun go numb but she didn’t feel as bad as she did before. But as they passed that floor, she felt a tug. A deep part of her soul was connected to him now and felt him as they passed by.

“I need to let the others know I’m leaving with you or they’ll worry.” Yixing said, he looked at his phone.

“Maybe you can just text them later. I think it's best if we just leave right now.” Jun Myeon said looking at him, “Trust me, if D says go, then we go.”

Jun Myeon watched the floors beep by a second at a time. It had gotten to the 3rd floor when there was a loud thud on the ceiling of the elevator. Then another, and another. As if someone was pounding at the otherside. Then there was a low growl, menacing and angry from the sound of it. He put Aria down to stand her on her own two feet as they all watched the lights flicker and the sounds of fighting filled the little compartment. It felt like they were going to come crashing through the ceiling. After a few minutes, the sound of Xuimin’s voice echoed in the elevator shaft above them, “HOLD HIM!” he yelled, Kai and Chen yelling back for him to hurry. The elevator doors opened and Jun Myeon rushed out pulling Aria and Yixing with him. Jun Myeon ordered the guards to assist in detaining Sehun and to lock down the building until they hear from Xuimin. They ran out of the building as quickly as possible.

Jun Myeon stood outside watching the steel doors shut behind them. He wanted to be there for Sehun, something had happened that only Kyung saw through Aria and they needed to leave because of it. He gazed at her, as she looked up at the sky.

“Its going to be light soon.” she said.

“Where should we go?” Yixing asked, “There isn’t enough time to head back to Shanghai.”

“I know a place. The last place he’ll look if he escapes.” Jun Myeon said taking Aria by the hand, he looked back at Yixing who smiled at him as if to say he'll be right behind him, and led them out of the city ahead of the coming light

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