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A year later…. Somewhere in France

Jun Myeon watched Aria and Yixing down in the patio below his balcony, while listening to Xiumin in the phone. 

"He seemed to have calmed down lately. Especially in the last few months. Kyungsoo says that something has happened but he can't get into his head. Sehun reassures me and him that everything is okay. That he wants to see you. He misses you. He told me to tell you, that he's trying really hard and just wants his brother back."

Jun Myeon breathed in deep. 

"I'll come see him next week." Jun Myeon said. 

"How's everyone?"

"Everyone is good, doing good." 

"That's good. I wanted to ask Aria when I saw her last month but she looked like she was in a hurry…."

"What did you say?"

"Aria. She looked like she was in a rush, I was going to catch up to her… Am I wrong? Maybe it just looked like her."

Jun Myeon seethed a little. Aria had gone to Japan last month. It's not the first time. 

It's not the first time she's taken a detour.

Jun Myeon hung up the phone without saying good-bye. He swung his arm around and threw the phone against a wall. His hands began to shake, his blood began to boil, his mind racing over the last few months. At first she would disappear and come back. She told him it was for business and didn't mean to just leave. More trips came, sometimes to the States or to London. He found an airline ticket once. She had flown from the States to Hawaii to Korea where she had a two day layover. And then she flew out to Dubai and then home. 

He jumped over the railing onto the ground right behind where they were sitting. Aria jumped up startled. Yixing only sat up straight.

"Jeezus… what are you doing?"

It dawned on him… as he stood there gazing at her. She hadn't let him feed on her in months. Not the way she feeds on him. Whenever they would start to get intimate, He would tilt her head getting ready to bite into her when she would suddenly pull away, playfully. She always bit him first. She would tackle him, pinning him down…

Jun Myeon felt his stomach turn, a horrible feeling barreled over him. He grabbed the chair that sat between them and threw it away. Yixing jumped up.

"Father… What's wrong?" 

Jun myeon felt his whole world crumbling. He flew at her, grabbing her by the throat. Yixing screamed at him to let her go, even charging him, but Jun Myeon knocked aside and out with one swing of his arm. He felt so sorry for having done that. Aria pleaded with him, wanting to know what he was doing, her nails digging into the cold flesh of his hand. 

He looked into her eyes, “I want the truth. I want the truth before I sink my teeth into you and find out for myself.” he said as calmly as possible in a deep angry tone, his voice shaky on the verge of losing his cool.

“The truth about what?” she asked.

“What have you been doing with Sehun?” His anger building slowly behind his glowing eyes.

For the first time in a thousand years, Aria felt chills run down her arms. Red tears started to run her face, dripping onto the back of his hand. Her hand dropped away, letting his hand grip her throat even tighter.

“I’m sorry.... I love you, I love you Jun Myeon, I swear to all the gods in the universe that I love you…. But there is something that wants me to go to him. Something that needs him. I hate that I feel this way, I hate that there is another person in me that wants him, that …loves him. If I don't let it go to him, it drives me crazy… I'm sorry" Aria broke down crying. She slumped to the ground at his feet, wrapping her arms around his waist.

He looked down at her. 

"I feel like I'm going crazy. Half of me only wants you, the other half wants him. I don't know what to do anymore. Kyungsoo has tried to help but there's nothing he can do… so, I gave in."

"Aria… I can't help you. I don't think I can." He pushed her away. He turned his back to her thinking he would go, he would leave at that moment and never look back. He would move on, he live the rest of days alone or he would sleep for the next few centuries. Just when he got a few steps away, he heard her whisper something. At first, it sounded like a whimper but it was words.

"What did you say?" He asked only looking over his shoulder. 

Yixing woke and was sitting next to his mother.

"I said kill me. I can't do it. I've tried. But it won't let me…"

"What won't let you, the other half you speak of?" Jun Myeon asked and started to walk away again.

"No…" Aria looked at Yixing, touched his jaw, and stood up. "no… The child inside won't let me die."

"Mother" Yixing was in disbelief. 

Jun Myeon stopped dead in his tracks. 

"Who's? Mine or his?" 

Aria hung her head, sobbing again, "I don't know."

Jun Myeon breathed a deep disturbing sigh before he raced off into the dark, leaving them behind. 

Yixing chased after his father briefly before stopping and turning back. He watched for a moment as Jun Myeon disappeared into the night sky. He knew his father was mad, he understood his anger. This was a situation that even he couldn't help with. He slowly turned and went back to his mother. Once in a while he would turn and look back in the direction Jun Myeon had gone. It made him worry. 

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