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Snowflakes gathered on his beautiful eyelashes, and when he blinked, the snow would fall off. He laid back, looking up into the starry sky above. The wind was blowing but it didn't bother him. Loose snow blew and swirled around him, he wanted to just lie there and let it bury him. He clasped his hands over his body and closed his eyes. There, on the highest mountain in the world, between heaven and Earth, he would sleep. He would sleep forever. No one would bother him. This time, he was the one who was running away. 

As his body became like stone, his mind shutting down like an office building at the end of a long day, one by one the lights were going out. Room by room, he walked through making sure everything was dark. 

He got to the last one. 

He stood there staring down at the woman sitting on the floor in the middle of a room made of silver. Only where she sat, there was none, only a two square foot marble tile.

She was dressed in armor from the old days, her long hair braided and hanging to one side. Her hands resting in her folded legs beneath her. There was blood splattered across her chest, some dripping from her mouth. Her eyes were closed but a few seconds after Jun Myeon had entered, they were open. She gazed up at him. 

"It's been awhile since you visited...a few decades it seems like but it's only been a year. Why is that?" She asked softly.

"I thought I had you back but it wasn't you. It was someone else. Someone that looked like you." He answered.

"I see. I take it, it didn't work out." She said standing up. "I've missed you."

"I'm going to go to sleep for awhile. Would you mind lying with me?" He asked floating over the silver floor to her.

She looked around. "Here?"

"Yes." Jun Myeon raised two fingers up like he was lifting something up with his mind. 

Out of the floor came a black shiny marble tomb. The cover was gone. Inside, was a bed cover made of red silk. He nodded his head at her to get in.

"I thought for once, I'll be getting out of this tomb you already have me in. But now it's a tomb within a tomb." She said as she climbed in. 

She looked down at her armor. He smiled at her expression, he knew what she was thinking. He closed his eyes and thought of the sexiest outfit. When he opened his eyes, she was sitting on her knees, beckoning him to join her wearing a short silky black slip on dress. The look in her eyes said she was hungry for him. He got undressed and took to the air, hovering above her, slowly lowering himself on top of her. Her arms stretched up to him, waiting to embrace him fully. She kissed his neck as his body rested on hers. Her mouth moved to his, he lightly bit her lip, letting the taste of blood take them both deeper. His hands wandered down her body, his hand finding it's way to that spot that would make her moan, and moan she did into his mouth. He pulled her nighty up, her legs parting and wrapping around him. He was hard, harder than he'd ever been before, it was then he had a memory suddenly awaken. That time when him and Aria were at it for days, it was the first time they were together. He couldn't stop, he didn't want to stop, she didn't want him to stop. Maybe it was then that their son was conceived. 

She pushed up away from her, "I'm the only one here. Don't do that again." She said looking at him. 

He nodded, leaned down for a kiss and pushed himself into her. Her fingertips did into his shoulders, as a long deep moan escaped the both of them.

Deep in his mind, she belonged to only him. 

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