Deck the GrayGrounds (18+)

(Author Note: for all my new readers, google the definition of the word Smut before you read please) & dedicated to my girl BB





I was practically running up the stairs, as I ran to meet up with a friend. How could I forget my promise I made, and stupidly went on a blind date? That the last time I listen to my family on how they found the best guy for me. I company was quite late at night, and I was hoping my friend was still here.

He did tell me once he always does his best work at night. So I had my fingers crossed when I open his studio door, to find him entangled in garland and tinsel. He stop trying to escape and gawked at me. “Well damn, Bee, don’t you’re dress to sexy for decorating my studio?”

I just giggled and went over to him and helped free him from the tinsel and garland. “Actually I just got hear from a date. I’m so sorry, I forgot my promise to you.” Seonghwa looked at me puzzled, after we finished cleaning the tinsel off him.

“You’re still doing those?”

I chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of my neck. “Well yeah, I’ll be in my thirties soon, and my family wants me to be happy with someone already.” I started wrapping the garland around my arm to avoid looking at him. “Then tell them you got someone already. Put my acting skills to work.”

He took the garland from me, making me look up at him finally. “I don’t mind helping you get them off your back. You’re still young, you got time.” I smiled at him, before moving to the box of Christmas stuff. “For now can we just focus on decorating this room?” Seonghwa didn’t argue you with me and got to work.

I was getting ready to start doing to selves he had but that required standing on a chair. I looked down at my short skirt, and mentally groan before standing on the couch. Glad I had at least took my shoes off. I jump a little when I felt a warm hand rest on my thigh. I calm down a bit though when I was it was Seonghwa.

“Leave that for me to do. You being up here is dangerous for me.”

He was looking away from me, but his hand never left my leg. His ears appear to have a tint to them as well. “I’m almost done, though. Just let me finish this.” I swear I heard him gulped, as his hand gripped onto my thigh. “Fine, make it quick, because your skirt is showing your blue lace.”

Seonghwa turned his back to me and went to decorating his engineering station. The glass show that my skirt really was too short and was giving Seonghwa a view of my panties. I nearly squealed but decided to finish what I was decorating before getting down. “Excuse me for a moment.”

He raced out of the studio leaving me confused as to why he was holding his nose. I looked over to wear he was before and saw spots of blood on the table. My hand covered my mouth as it finally registered that Seonghwa was having a nosebleed. He had came back into the studio with tissue in his nose confirming what I learned.

“Please don’t wear a skirt like that around me, next time.”

Seonghwa was avoiding eye contact with me and went straight to the box of decorations. “Seonghwa oppa, are you actually that attracted to me?” He looked up at me when I asked my question. “Are you kidding me?” I pursed my lips together after gliding my tongue along them.

“You’re thick in all the right places, meaning I’ll always have my hands full. Your skin color is beautiful fucking milk chocolate that I have been dreaming if licking. I always love looking you in the eyes, because they’re like the night sky, and they seem to always have shining stars for me. Your personality is truly one of a kind that it makes your soul scream out to me. Fucking Bee, I’m in love with you. Are you just now noticing this?”

My jaw dropped as Seonghwa snapped and finally confessed to me. “Just tell me why won’t you notice me?” I just rubbed my chest over my heart and just stared at him. “Say something Bee.” He looked scared but even I knew that was from the idea of losing me; even as a friend.

“I already did, but you had a girl at the time, so I tried to move on.”

I finally answered him, but his expression from went scared to shock. Fuck words though, I couldn’t wait for him to stay anything, I just used action. I had been friends with Seonghwa for over three years now. Dealt with all the girls he been with, and finally he was actually seeing me.

My arms snaked around his neck, as I crushed my lips against his own, after taking out the tissue in his nose. He didn’t fight against me one bit. Instead, he closed his eyes and kissed me back, with his hands full of my ass. Seonghwa broke the kissed, as one of his hands moved from my ass to my forearm.

“Let’s move this over to the couch.”

That was all he had to way to get me to move. He pulled off his shirt, granting me the most beautiful eye candy I’ve ever seen. “Wish I had chocolate syrup and whip cream right now. Cause you look tasty.” I licked my lips as I watched Seonghwa chuckle in amusement.

“Sorry but I promise to turn you into Chocolate syrup as I deck your walls.”

Seonghwa winked at me after speaking food dirty to me. I reached out to him, and was answered by him, towering over me, as we lay down. He kissed along my jawline and along my neck, whilst his hands explored all my crevices. I clawed at his back lightly, as I heard melt clicking. Before I could even asked what, I was hearing, his lips found mine, and his tongue darted inside.

He answered my question with his finger rubbing my clit. A moan vibrated between out lips, and from our tongue play I could tell it was mine. Seonghwa pulled away to admire my expression as he inserted two fingers inside of my and curled.

I arched my back from the satiating sensation from his thumb rubbing my clit and fingers moved in and out. He pulled his hand away though, right as I knew I was reaching my max. “Uh uh, I’m not done making love to you yet.”

Seonghwa smirked as he finally pulled his pants down, and his harden member bounced free from his boxers. “Oh sweet heavens, now size is going to make me go crazy.” He just grin, whilst his rubbing his shaft in front of me.

“Want me, Baby”

He knew I loved how cock he could be and wanted me to feed his ego a bit. I pulled my panties off from under my skirt and wrapped my legs around his waist. “Just come to mama already.” My comment made him chuckle before he slid himself in my heat.

He was so gentle it was driving me insane. I wanted him to show me his worse so much. Seonghwa must have noticed I wasn’t pleased as much as he was and picked up the pace. “You don’t like going nice and slow?” I shook my head before he grabbed both my legs and have them rest on his shoulder.

“Okay then beast it is.”

I smirked, but it was wiped right off my face the moment he thrusted into me hard. “Allow me to take you there.” He groaned whilst biting on his lower lip. I threw my head back and gripped onto the edges of the couch.

He had me mewling so loudly I barely heard him moaning my name. He pushed my legs towards the side, and lean down to kiss me, but never once stopped thrusted his hips against my ass. My hands clawed at his back, whilst my tongue toy with his own.

Seonghwa groan loudly as I felt his body beginning to tremble along with mine. Without warning we both reach our climax and I could feel Seonghwa fluids filling me up inside. “Shit… I’m sorry Bee.” He was panting as he slowly lifted himself off me.

“Shit happens, but since this happen; you know you’re mine now, right?”

He looked me in my eyes and smiled an idiot. “And proud of it.” We just stay there on his couch and made out happily. When he pulled away, he looked around the room and smirked.

“Maybe we should but up some jiggle bells. That way when we shake this couch again, it louder than us.” We both laughed before getting up to go back to decorating the his Gray Ground Studio.


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