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Compos-table packaging is the types of packaging which are very environment-friendly and very maintained solution to materials that are reusable and recyclable which are composed of natural renewable. Hence, it is convenient in all aspects. The process in which sources are used to breakdown into harmless organic matter is entirely an appropriate and safe composting system. The good news is that such materials are precious and such a blessing for the environment that these resources are used to foster the food grown in South Australia.

Therefore, these materials give no harmful effects on the soil or environment. The major point to keep in mind is the Methane production in the landfill is to be ensured that suitable waste streams are carried out while compos-table packaging is used. But here we need to be aware that Biodegradable and Compos-table are not the same entities. In addition to this Packaging Suppliers always have to use those biodegradable products which are certified compostable. Let’s discuss the difference between biodegradable and compos-table in detail.


These types of materials need a supply of heat, water, oxygen, and microorganisms to carry out the breakdown process. This tends to breakdown or divides into non-toxic substances in very less time. In addition to this, it has the capacity to breakdown completely and transforms into useful organic materials. It can be added to the organics bin.


Likewise, Compostable it also requires a supply for heat, water, oxygen, and microorganism for the breakdown process, but it does not tend to breakdown fully. Biodegradable can be divided into smaller pieces probably becoming microplastics. The main disadvantage that these materials may take thousands of years to a breakdown which surely can harm the environment at a larger scale. Biodegradable should not have any place in the organics bin.

Packaging Australia Standard:

These standards should be carefully determined while sourcing any product. Let’s discuss all in detail.

Only those materials are recommended to be utilized which are certified according to the current Australian Standards AS 4736- 2006 / AS 5810-2010). These certifications can be easily checked/verified through Australasian Bioplastics Association’s registry. The major point or task takes place in Australian Certification for packaging Australia standard is thorough “Eco-toxicity testing”, it makes sure that the resultant work product(compost) is a complete breakdown and is free from any kind of residue both physical and chemical which has no harm to the living organisms.

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Just in case any material that is used consumed tends to recycle instead of being complete compostable materials, we need to be sure that the material will be transformed into clean and dry stuff so that it can be recycled in an organized way without harming the environment during this process. If any kind of contamination occurred, then the recyclable process will be badly affected. In a scenario when purely natural material is present for instance pure paper, there is a chance that it can be completely compostable to verify this with your supplier and council.

It seems a very easy approach for both vendors and consumers to put all packaging stuff including food wastes into organic bins. This makes compostable packaging a necessity. To encourage this industry, the administration of the city of Adelaide creates a list of suppliers that fall under the category of certified compostable materials. To get economic benefit local suppliers are recommended both at the local and national levels.

The city of Adelaide and the packaging Australia administration does not recommend or encourage any supplier, in particular, they just provide information for the certified set of suppliers for your convenience. In addition to this, the administration of the city of Adelaide will take no responsibility for 3rd party information. So, these are the points which are worthy to keep in mind.

Packaging Design:

This is a very important aspect of packaging design though it has no relation with the composition or the environmental factors of packaging still it is a standalone entity that has its significance in the packaging industry. Usually, when a product is not being used by the customer the first thing that promotes or enables a person to buy any item is the design or style of packaging design. Therefore, attractive and effective packaging makes the process of a positive decision making of the customer easier. An efficient packaging can increase the purchasing ratio of any product.

Similarly, along with attractiveness, your packaging should be convenient in a way that the customer who is using a product for a long time can easily be able to search its item whether in a busy shop or even if they are buying online. So, make sure that in a world where there is a multitude of products, your product is in a visible and prominent place due to its packaging design. In the city of Adelaide like any part of the world, there are variety and diversity in packagings like food products, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and many more. The customer in this city attracts and moves towards the appealing packaging especially for the product they are going to use first.

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