Do You Want To Create Roku.Com/Link Account without Credit Card?

roku com link account

1. First of all. Connect your Roku streaming player to the home TV by using an HDMI chord.

2. After making connection between Roku and TV, you will be asked to submit

the Roku link activation code. Please submit this Roku link code carefully.

3. Next, open the registration page and fill the registration form with exact details.

4. Click on the do later/skip option if you want to pay for the channel later.

5. After this, close the opened browser. support

7. In case, you feel that your Roku remote is not working then try to re-insert the batteries and then insert them again.

8. Make sure you are using the batteries that come with the Roku streaming box.

9. In this way, you can bypass the credit card information detail section during the registration process.

10. If you have already registered the credit card information then no need to do

this again.

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