Nowadays, most of the Facebook videos are seen with captions, according to the content. Be it entertainment or informational, Facebook gives us a much better experience of viewing videos through closed captions.

About 96% of Facebook access is through mobile phones. The demand for Facebook closed captioning services has increased, due to the advantages that users gain through captions.

The procedure of closed captioning a Facebook video is simple:

Have both the video file and the captions file in .srt format ready.

Post the video onto Facebook without any captions.

Search for ‘Edit The Video’ option and click over the ‘Captions’ tab.

The feature will ask for uploading the captions file.

Name the file as per Facebook’s caption convention.

By toggling the on/off caption buttons, you can hence check for the quality of the file uploaded for the video.


Since Last year, the daily watch-time of Live broadcasts on Facebook has increased over 4x. Also, 1 in 5 is a Live broadcast video. A good number of publishers and video editors are now keen to have the best Facebook closed captioning services for their videos.

facebook captioning services

Also, 85% of Facebook videos are watched muted. And thus, adding captions will provide effective means for staying connected with the video.


The following are the perks of adding closed captions for videos on Facebook;

d captions boost your SEO ranking undefined

Search engines like Google currently does not understand indexed videos online. But when a video has captions embedded in it, then platforms like Google and YouTube can rank your profile, if the keywords are present as captions in the video.

d captions target a Global audience undefined

Studies have shown that 74% of the world visits Facebook daily and users are found to have spent over 35 minutes a day over Facebook. Which means, chances are high for your video to get watched. If a viewer enjoys your captioned video, then he or she might open other ones from your profile as well. This way, major traffic is driven to your profile, which again increases viewership.

d captions widen the reach undefined

To increase viewership, or get more likes, shares, etc. on your Facebook video, it is essential to make it accessible for everyone. Irrespective of culture or gender, adding closed captions to Facebook videos will make it accessible even to the sensorially-disabled community.

Every person’s ‘Like’ and ‘Comment’ is essential for a video to reach comprehensively. Make it much more beneficial to watch, by giving users a sense of belonging with the video, using closed captions. With right closed captioning services, Facebook videos from your profile can extend beyond your expectations.

Carlos born on 27th June 1977, He is a captioners, who has given about for writing captions for movies or television for hearing-impaired viewers or those watching TV on mute. Watches show and makes quick decisions to determine which captions will be included, edited, or left out.
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